Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center Review

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The Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that provides a range of services for their clients. The center offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that assist and support clients in various phases on their recovery.

While all addiction recovery treatment centers aim for the same end goals, the Woodlake Recovery Center sets itself apart by placing greater emphasis on spiritual wellness alongside other areas of everyday life.

Woodlake Recovery Center Mission

The Woodlake Recovery Center maintains the idea that addiction and dependence are the manifestations of underlying issues. These could be rooted in past traumas, negative emotions, and even poor family dynamics, to name a few possibilities. According to their website, the Center believes that these issues could affect a person in all aspects of their life. Thus they provide care for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

One other thing that sets the Woodlake Recovery Center apart is that they believe that addiction is a family disease. That is, the family dynamic plays a vital role in the development and thus the cure of the condition. With that, the Center has made it their mission to assist their clients towards recovery by resolving issues in the home as well as past traumas.

Woodlake Center Values and Philosophy

The Woodlake Center is a strong advocate of the original 12-step program which they strongly advise for all of their clients. And just like the 12-step program, they hold on to what they call the four aboslutes, which they consider the keys to happiness:

  • Honesty– In the context of recovery, honesty refers to the individual’s ability to accept that they play a role in their own addiction and their recovery. Honesty means realizing that you have a problem, and that you need help in order to overcome the addiction.
  • Unselfishness– The Woodlake Center believes that clients need to realize how their own actions might affect others. Unselfishness helps individuals understand the impact of their actions on the people around them.
  • Love– Self-love and love for others can help fuel the recovery process. By releasing all negativity and allowing love to flow, clients find a better position to fight against temptation, stress, and pressure.
  • Purity– Purity in intention products purity of body. The Woodlake Recovery Center upholds purity as one of the cornerstones of their treatment, helping individuals truly embrace the process to reap the benefits of lasting recovery.

Woodlake Recovery Center Treatment Programs

Woodlake offers an extensive range of programs that are tailored to match the needs of their clients wherever they might find themselves. For Woodlake, there’s no such thing as an addiction too severe or too mild that they can’t do anything to help.

Medical and Ambulatory Detox Program

Considered the first phase of treatment, detox involves cleansing the body from the substance and managing symptoms of withdrawal. Thus detox is recommended for individuals with more severe addiction, providing their system an opportunity to heal after chronic drug or alcohol use.

The Woodlake Center offers both medical and ambulatory detox programs to match the needs of their clients. The medical detox process involves providing the client with appropriate medication that can help their body wean off of the substance. The slow process also involves replacing the substance and gradually reducing doses to keep the body drug-free.

Woodlake has their own on-site detox facility so they can address individuals with chronic, severe substance use disorder. Their team of medical professionals work around the clock to provide monitored detox for safe and effective results.

Inpatient Residential Treatment

Equipped with facilities for an inpatient residential treatment program, the Woodlake Center offers on-site treatment that last for 28 to 60 days, depending on the client’s needs. Their inpatient program happens in four distinct phases:

  • Phase 1 – This phase involves helping the client break through their denial. Health workers, counselors, and therapists aim to help clients take ownership of their addiction.
  • Phase 2– Here, clients receive knowledge and insight on how their behaviors affect others. They take lessons to improve judgement and decision making skills.
  • Phase 3– During this phase, clients experience spiritual healing. Through counseling and therapy, they receive the means to overcome negative emotions and traumas that could hinder them from a full recovery.
  • Phase 4– At the end of the treatment program, clients receive lessons on how to break negative thought patterns and behaviors that could impact their recovery. They ultimately prepare for life beyond the facility’s walls.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The Woodlake partial hospitalization program is ideal for individuals who have completed the residential program. However it still provides strong structured schedules to keep them on track to recovery. They’re also ideal for individuals who have moderate substance use disorders and who are looking to get intensive support for their healing.

Partial hospitalization programs require clients to attend therapy and other activities for extended hours throughout the week. Schedules vary from person to person, but most individuals must attend sessions five days a week, six to eight hours every day.

The rigorous program provides various therapies and activities to give structure and support where it’s most needed. Clients then return back home after their sessions.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Slightly more flexible than the partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient programs keep clients on a fixed schedule. The program combines therapy, counseling, and other therapeutic activities. The main difference between PHP and IOP is that the latter is more focused on skills acquisition. This helps clients live more independently later on.

During IOP, clients are also encouraged to continue any commitments and obligations they might have at work or at home. These programs can extend several weeks, requiring clients to attend between three group sessions weekly. Of course, these go hand in hand with other individual and family therapies scheduled at their convenience.

12-Step Program

The Woodlake Center strongly believes in the benefits of the 12-step program. Thus the Center has their own in-house 12-step program that all of their clients are encouraged to join. Their specific program places strong emphasis on spirituality, which they believe is an important part of holistic recovery.

Counseling and Aftercare

Woodlake employs a number of counseling experts that provide insightful information through a variety of counseling sessions. These include individual, family, and group counseling, which are prescribed on a case to case basis.

The Center also provides continuing personal aftercare for all of their clients, checking in all of those who have successfully completed the program to make sure they’re on track eve years after they leave the facility.

Woodlake Recovery Center Reviews

With an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 on Google, the Woodlake Recovery Center has received reviews that reflect both ends of the client experience. On average however, they do generate more positive reviews from the majority of their previous clients.

“Great company! The care they provide and staff are exceptional. I would absolutely refer friends and family to them.” – Grace Breaux, Google Reviews

“This place was amazing. It has some of the best doctors in Louisiana state. The staff was very friendly and peaceful .The staff was very knowledgeable in what going with each patient. Thanks to Woodlake I have been sobered for 3 yrs and two months.” – Vance Sones, Google Reviews

On the other hand, some clients have detailed negative experiences regarding facilities and staff professionalism.

“The facilities are dilapidated with no maintenance.” – Tom Lopez, Google Reviews

“If you go there without an issue you will leave with one. My experience wasn’t so great.” – Aaliyah Simone, Google Reviews

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