Victory Addiction Recovery Center Review

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Victory addiction recovery center review

The Victory Addiction Recovery Center simplifies is a premier drug recovery facility with a simple goal — to change the lives they touch. This facility provides what they call ‘compassionate care’ for the whole family, aiming to restore not only their clients to health, but also their homes to harmonious dynamics.

With the help of their professional team, Victory provides a range of drug recovery services for people at different steps of the process. All of their treatments and therapies happen on-site, where they provide comfortable, therapeutic facilities and environments in support of the outcomes they aim for.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center Mission

The Victory Addiction Recovery Center keeps their mission simple — to improve the lives that they touch. To do this, the Center uses a number of strategies that include evidence-based treatment, a team of competent, compassionate, and dedicated professionals, therapeutic facilities, and tailored therapies.

While their mission might seem short and sweet, the snippet of guidance has worked wonders to pilot the Center’s services, allowing their team of doctors, nurses, counselors, social workers, and more to assist their clients towards lasting recovery.

Philosophy and Values

On top of their mission, the Victory Addiction Recovery Center also holds on to six core values that guide their services and programs:

  • Honesty– Integrity and fairness are vital to the different services that they offer at the Center. Workers aim to keep treatments transparent, providing clients with full information to help guide their decisions and improve their insight.
  • Competence– The Victory Addiction Recovery Center only employs the best professionals in their respective fields. They ensure that their work force maintains competence by enrolling them in seminars, classes, and continuing education.
  • Perseverance– There’s no such thing as a case too difficult. Victory aims to meet challenges and resolve issues at every step of the way, providing a fighting chance for anyone and everyone who steps into their facilities.
  • Passion– The Victory Addiction Recovery Center believes that passion should be a driving force in service delivery. They ensure that their employees work in an environment that breeds passion and dedication.
  • Respect– Victory asserts that they respect the dignity of all of those they work with. Their staff makes sure that clients feel safe, accepted, and valued in order to maximize the outcomes of treatment.
  • Teamwork– Victory believes that they work best when they’re in it together. Their staff works in an environment that encourages respect and compassion between workers as well, helping them enjoy their job to serve those that step into their facility.

Services and Programs

Not all recovery stories are the same, and clients don’t always have the same needs for treatment. That’s why the Victory Addiction Recovery Center provides several different program options that cater to clients wherever they may be in terms of their recovery.


Considered one of the first steps of recovery, detox is recommended for individuals with more pronounced addiction and dependence. The goal of detox is to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal and ensure a safe cleansing from the toxins and chemicals so clients can live independently of drugs or alcohol.

At Victory, the detox process is overseen by their team of doctors as well as healthcare professionals. Round the clock monitoring guarantees safety. Of course, necessary protocols are put in place to ensure positive outcomes.

Inpatient Treatment

Lasting up to 90 days, the Victory inpatient treatment program provides individuals the opportunity to step away from the stressful conditions of their everyday life in order to relax, reset, and rethink their situation. The program involves daily treatment activities that give structure and balance to their clients’ days.

The program blends together a variety of evidence-based treatment. These include physical activity, meditation groups, and spirituality classes. They also offer a variety of other therapies on top of counseling. Similarly, they hold a family week that aims to help clients and their families strengthen their relationships. The center does this through education, lectures, and other activities.

Professionals Program

Tailored for individuals who work specialized or high ranking jobs that require licenses, the professionals program offers maximum privacy as well as comfort. The discreet program gives these unique individuals a safe space so they can recover from addiction. The center protects them from the stigma that often surrounds drug and alcohol treatment.

Victory also helps these individuals retail their licenses and their employment. The Center forwards documents of compliance and successful program completion. These are then sent to the necessary accrediting bodies so as to help clients resume their work without a hitch.

Veterans Program

In partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs Community Care Network and PsychArmor, Victory offers a tailored program for those who previously served in the military. This specialized service places them in groups that they can relate to so as to improve the overall experience.

Lasting up to 90 days, the Veterans Program provides education, therapy and counseling, medical support, and weekly veteran group meetings. Of course, these go along with many other therapies that involve mind, body,spirit, and family.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The intensive outpatient program provides structure and flexibility by keeping clients on a schedule of therapies and counseling while still being able to return home for their obligations. Successful program completion entails 36 group therapy sessions on top of individual and family counseling.

Of course, chedules may change depending on the outcomes of therapy. Clients who respond positively to treatment may have their treatment frequency and duration reduced so as to support their growing capacity for independence.

Aftercare and Alumni Program

The alumni program caters to clients who have successfully completed Victory’s programs. Families are also welcome to join to bolster all of the skills and techniques they learned during counseling.

As one of their continuing care programs, the alumni program creates the perfect atmosphere of support and acceptance that many clients benefit from long after they’ve left treatment. Other aftercare opportunities include counseling, continuing therapies, and even telehealth meetings.

Victory Recovery Center Reviews

As a premier recovery center, Victory aptly receives an overwhelmingly positive response from most of their previous clients. Their compassionate and competent staff, therapeutic facilities, and effective services have earned them a rightful place as one of the most preferred recovery centers in their area with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Google.

“Great place. […] The techs and nurses are very knowledgeable. And they all have personalities that make staying there easier.” – Slade Arena, Google Reviews

“Posting publicaly is truly an honor, and with the utmost respect I am grateful for this place. Never forget your purpose in life.” – Brock Thibodeaux, Google Reviews

“Not only did this place save my life, this place changed my life. If it wasn’t for their staff and counselors, I don’t know where I’d be in life. Thank you Victory.” – Kyra Champagne, Google Reviews

Despite all the positive feedback, Victory has managed to snag a few negative reviews from a minority of clients. Most of which detail problems with the proximity of male and female clients in the facility.

“My son was in Victory. Although his counselor was very good, the facility as a whole had some troubling things going on. The monitoring of patients was poor. The men and women had too much freedom and sex between patients seemed to be common.” – Kym Mayhall, Google Reviews

“Victory did nothing for my husband. I think a facility like that should not have women and men staying in close quarters together. My husband developed a relationship with another female in rehab.” – Mandy Bordeaux, Google Reviews

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