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With the objective of providing lasting recovery for all of their clients, the Serenity Center in Baton Rouge caters to adults struggling with addiction and dependence. The Center employs what they call some of the most experienced professionals in the industry in order to provide high quality care for everyone who walks into their clinic.

Equipped with facilities and tools for both inpatient and outpatient treatment, Serenity Center offers care for individuals at various phases of their recovery journey. Their services focus not only on helping their clients, but also giving them the opportunity to fully break free of any traumas and experiences that might be keeping them from a full recovery.

Serenity Center Baton Rouge Mission and Values

The Serenity Center in Baton Rouge firmly believes that recovery can only be achieved with holistic intervention. That’s why the facility implements a variety of therapies that work to help address the various aspects of a person’s life. Ultimately, they work to unearth and resolve negative experiences, emotions, and traumas.

Unlike other recovery programs that make the 12-step program an optional part of the recovery process, Serenity Center strongly recommends the program for all of their clients. The 12-step program is then supported by a range of counseling classes including individual, group, and family sessions.

According to their website, the Serenity Center believes that addiction always takes root in pain. Thus they make it the core of their treatment to help clients understand themselves, their experiences and emotions, and how these things may contribute to their tendency to use and abuse.

  • Lasting Recovery– While they understand that relapse is a very real possibility, the Serenity Center aims to provide treatment that minimizes the risk. Their therapies combine various techniques that help individuals recognize threats. This allows them to protect their sobriety so they can independently navigate everyday life without worry of relapse.
  • Coping Skills– A large chunk of their treatment involves teaching clients a range of coping skills. They can implement these in their daily life to live addiction free. These coping skills are practical and applicable, allowing clients to use them the moment they step out of their session.
  • A Perfect Fit– The Serenity Center believes that every individual experiences recovery differently, and thus all of their treatment plans fit exactly what each person needs. Their team of professionals regularly review their clients’ progress to fine tune the treatment plan to match their situation.

Serenity Center Baton Rouge Programs and Services

The Serenity Center offers a range of programs that hope to help individuals at various steps of their recovery process. These different treatment programs come at varying degrees of intensity. This ultimately allowd the center to work with clients at any severity of addiction and dependence.

Common among these programs is the emphasis on accountability, responsibility, and self-discipline. That is, the Serenity Center hopes to teach all of their clients that they play a role in their own sobriety and recovery. Nonetheless, they tailor their programs to provide a high level of support and assistance. In effect, clients never feel like they have to deal with their situation alone.

Residential Treatment Program

The residential treatment program is a 30-day program that provides support and treatment for clients and their families. The Serenity Center offers a therapeutic residential experience. It provides clients a stress-free environment to support them during their first few steps to living addiction-free.

The program involves a variety of counseling programs that include individual, group, and family sessions scheduled throughout the client’s week. They’ll also be enrolled in a 12-step program to help improve the outcomes of their recovery program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Sometimes, it’s just not possible for some individuals to commit themselves to a residential program. This is often the result of either personal or work reasons. In this case, the Serenity Center offers the intensive outpatient program. This works to support those who need more structure but can’t leave their present living situation.

The professionals at the Center perform an in-depth assessment of the individual’s living conditions to make sure they won’t interfere with treatment. Those eligible will have a rigorous schedule of counseling combined with a 12-step program to ensure success.

12-Step Program

The Serenity Center provides an in-house 12-step program for individuals recovering from both alcoholism and drug use. Unlike other recovery centers that make the 12-step program an optional part of the treatment process, the Serenity Center strongly recommends it for all of their clients.

Both inpatient and outpatient clients are scheduled to complete the 12-step program during the course of their treatment. Clients are also encouraged to continue participation after successful completion by helping others who are new to the 12-step course.


The Serenity Center is big on counseling which makes up a large part of all of their treatment programs. They provide individual, group, and family counseling sessions that target different areas of a person’s psyche.

The individual therapy sessions provide counselors an opportunity to teach skills. They also provide insight on traumas and past experiences. This helps them get a better grasp of how clients are responding to treatment.

Family sessions on the other hand maintain focus on the dynamics within the home. Since the Serenity Center strongly believes that families play a significant role in recovery, the family counseling sessions provide a stage for relatives to heal relationships and support the client towards lasting recovery.

Finally, group therapy sessions help restore an individual’s capability to work with and relate to others in a social setting. Studies have also found that group therapy can help improve the outcomes of recovery by placing individuals in a sphere of people that understands what they’re going through.

Serenity Center Admissions

The Serenity Center does not accept referrals, however they do allow clients to refer themselves into the program. The first step of admission requires a phonecall, during which professionals from the center asses whether the individual is eligible for treatment.

In case the individual presents to be medically unstable, they receive a referral to a hospital or a detox center. Those found eligible for admission into the Serenity Center will also have all payments and insurance arrangements discussed during the phonecall.

Serenity Center Baton Rouge Testimonials and Reviews

The Serenity Center saves a page on their website for testimonials, however none of those posted have been verified as coming from actual clients. Nonetheless, those posted on their site detail positive experiences with the Center and with their staff.

“The Serenity Treatment Center taught me that Alcohol and Drugs wasn’t the only problem I had. I had to change everything about myself, even the way I thought about things. Now I take suggestions from someone other than myself. I am sober.” – Tonya S., Serenity Center Website

On Google however, the Center has received an average rating of 3.8 out of 5. There are several positive reviews on Google that provide a similar sentiment to reviews found on their website.

“My daughter will be 9 months sober on the 19th of May! And we could not be more proud of her and grateful to serenity helping her on her journey and giving her the tools she needed to help her on her journey!” – Hope Wood, Google Reviews

There have been a few negative reviews as well, explaining that the Center could benefit from a few training courses for their staff, especially on how to deal with clients.

“I believe that this program could be very beneficial and was actually enjoying the group sessions. However I feel they could benefit from some sensitivity training particularly in their manner of speech.”- Justen Walker, Google Re

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