Seaside Healthcare Recovery Center Review

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Working with clients suffering from substance use disorder, Seaside Healthcare offers a range of services that support and assist clients along every step of their recovery journey. Providing both inpatient and outpatient services, their facilities are fully equipped to cater to individuals wherever they may be in terms of addiction and recovery.

With various locations across six states, Seaside Healthcare is a fast-growing service provider in the drug recovery industry. Their ultimate goal is to provide clients effective, evidence-based, quality care at affordable and accessible prices.

Seaside Healthcare Mission and Continuum of Care

Seaside Healthcare’s utmost mission is to provide individuals and communities quality drug recovery treatment that’s backed by research and science. Their outcomes-based approach gives them the ability to measure treatment success depending on each client’s response.

It’s also a part of the Seaside Healthcare mission to make sure that their recovery services are just within reach of even those who are a part of the lower socioeconomic classes.

According to their website, they deliver all of their with respect and dignity, recognizing that addiction and dependence are mental health conditions, and not lifestyle choices. These principles help their workers provide clients compassionate care that values them as individuals.

The Continuum of Care

Seaside Healthcare believes that every individual experiences addiction and recovery differently. That said, they don’t believe that the process of treatment should be the same for everyone. Instead, they implement what they call the Continuum of Care that evaluates where an individual stands and what type or intensity of treatment would work best for their situation.

Their continuum of care includes outpatient, intensive inpatient, partial hospitalization, and acute hospitalization. Staff place clients anywhere within the continuum upon admission and during the course of treatment, depending on their unique situation, their response to the services, and their distinct needs.

Range of Services

Everyone experiences addiction differently, and the severity of substance use and dependence varies widely from person to person. With that, some might require more intensive care than others, which is why Seaside Healthcare provides services and treatment at different levels of intensity.

Acute Hospitalization

This inpatient treatment program serves as a safe-haven for individuals suffering from severe mental health disorders that may threaten their health and safety, or the health and safety of those around them. Acute hospitalization is often recommended for individuals going through suicidal episodes, or those who might have overdosed on substances.

Their inpatient acute hospitalization program provides timely, calculated care through the expertise of their team of physicians, nurses, and other health care workers. The immediate goal is to stabilize the individual and get them started on their detox. During this time, counselors and therapists may also start taking histories to determine the ideal course of treatment for each individual client.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The Seaside Healthcare Partial Hospitalization Program involves group and individual therapy. This amounts to 4 to 6 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. Individuals attending these sessions will spend most of their daylight hours at the facility however they can return home to rest.

Partial Hospitalization Programs are intensive in that they require strict adherence to schedules. In fact, sessions may extend for several hours throughout the day. While individuals participating in these programs might not require inpatient treatment, the close monitoring makes it possible for them to adhere to sobriety measures.

Intensive Outpatient Care

Intensive outpatient care programs provide structure and a blend of different therapies that help individuals identify problem areas. The flexible schedules allow clients to fulfill their personal and work obligations all while completing their participation in their treatment programs.

Individual, group, and family counseling are often part of the process. Therapy schedules change from person to person, but average three group sessions a week plus individual therapy scheduled at the client’s convenience. Frequency of treatment sessions may reduce as the individual progresses through the process.

Therapeutic Group Homes

Also called ‘sober living homes’, the therapeutic group home is a model that allows individuals to live more independently. The environment provides a safe space without the stress and pressure that they might find in ‘the real world.’ These group homes have an available therapist or counselor 24/7. They provide insight and support while the individual readjusts to independent living.

They may leave the home at any point of the day for work or other obligations, but must adhere to a curfew. Of course, that includes many other rules and regulations to maintain the sobriety and the positive, therapeutic relationships within the home. Other tenants are also clients of the recovery program.

Home and Community Based Services

Bringing mental health treatment to the home and community, these services help individuals and small communities. The center aims to help them achieve their highest potential. That said, they target areas of distress and poor adaptations that they identify during the treatment process.

Workers involved in these services provide education and skills training. They also offer variety of other instructional resources that help participants live a vibrant, healthy life. Ultimately, the goal is to support mental health and well-being.

Seaside Healthcare Admissions – What to Expect

Seaside Healthcare performs in-depth evaluations upon admission and intake to determine the level of care necessary for each individual client. Their professional team of physicians, nurses, counselors, and social workers take turns assessing individuals and identifying which areas might need the most urgent care.

The center works hand in hand with a number of other providers to meet the needs of their client base. Some of their locations offer inpatient treatment services off-site, in partnership with hospitals or drug recovery and treatment centers.

Seaside Healthcare accepts payments from a variety of insurance providers, but does not detail their payment options on their website. To find out more about their payment schemes and options, it would be best to reach out to them. In fact, they provide both a contact page or hotline for such inquiries.

Seaside Healthcare Facilities

Although their facilities might not be particularly contemporary or state-of-the-art, they do provide comfort. The clean, spacious areas may be satisfactory for most of their clients. According to the center, they provide large rooms for group and family therapy sessions as well as warm and inviting individual treatment areas. The tranquil office aims to create a therapeutic ambiance to support the various treatment programs that occur on-site.

There are no images of the facilities online, but reviews claim that bedrooms for clients are minimalist and compact. To find out more about their facilities, you may reach out to the Seaside Healthcare main office or get in touch directly with their specific locations.

Seaside Healthcare Reviews

Reviews for Seaside Healthcare paint an ambivalent picture of the center. While some of their past clients might claim that the center offered helpful, clean, and organized services, others allege that Seaside Healthcare’s facilities and services leave much to be desired.

“I really had a Great Experience here! My Doctor helped me with my Depression and the Mental Health Techs were professional & helpful. […] This place helped me get back on track.” – D. Thomas,

“This is worst hospital I have ever been in. staff is extremely unprofessional and hateful. It’s very chaotic and unsafe with fights daily. it’s filthy and they do not clean regular. The food is horrible with very small portions and absolutely no seasoning. […] This place is a nightmare.” –

Reviews from previous employees might also provide some insight as to how the facilities are operated. The general consensus is that Seaside Healthcare might want to improve the climate of professional relationships between their employees.

“Avoid this place if at all possible. Very poor management. Hospital has a culture of blame and finger-pointing. […] Administration is not concerned about the safety of staff.” –

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