Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center Review

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Pecanhaven addiction recovery review

pecan haven addiction recovery Sitting on a 35-acre pecan grove in Monroe, Louisiana, Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center’s picturesque facilities offer the perfect backdrop for the therapeutic experience they provide. The residential treatment center delivers a range of services and programs intended to help those suffering from substance use disorder to achieve a full recovery.

Their 80-bed facility offers a comfortable stay for those wishing to escape the stresses of life and rewire their minds towards recovery and sobriety. The peaceful environment, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city sounds, creates the ideal context for recovery that lasts.

Pecan Haven Mission and Core Values

While all treatment facilities aim to help their clients achieve addiction-free lives, Pecan Haven works to touch lives and change them for the better. Their goal isn’t to simply restore sobriety, but to improve the person as a whole. They hope to help individuals reach their highest potential so they can become functional members of society.

To achieve this goal, Pecan Haven invests the most in two distinct aspects of their Center. The first is their staff, and the second is their facilities. The Center only employs the expertise of experienced, competent doctors, nurses, counselors, and social workers. This helps guarantee smooth service delivery.

On top of that, they work round the clock to keep their facilities in top condition, ensuring that all areas and spaces are fit for use and provide a clean and comfortable atmosphere to support the healing process.

Some of their core values include:

  • Compassion– Pecan Haven believes that true recovery happens when clients feel true care and concern for their cause. The Pecan Haven staff goes through rigorous screening to make sure they fit the team and to determine the depth of their dedication for the job.
  • Qualified– Evidence-based treatment stands as the cornerstone of Pecan Haven’s services. They deliver science-backed therapies through the hands of their qualified, competent staff that regularly undergoes training and education to keep them up to date with the latest therapy trends.
  • Comfortable– The 32-acre property provides a comfortable, serene experience for those who join the program. The Center takes significant care to make sure that all facilities meet the highest of standards so clients can feel relaxed and at-home wherever they step.

Treatment Programs

Although there are a lot of treatment programs available for recovering individuals recovering from substance use disorder, Pecan Haven focuses on just three programs to ensure that they’re providing their clients with quality care. This also makes it easier for the facility to keep their staff in check by reducing the number of services that need constant monitoring.

Inpatient Residual Detox

Pecan Haven’s medically managed residual detox works to remove chemicals from the body after chronic substance or alcohol abuse. Since the process of detox can be dangerous, the Center implements a number of safety protocols to ensure that their clients are as safe as possible throughout the process.

The detox occurs under the supervision of licensed physicians and nurses who monitor the client at all times. Medications are given as necessary, and are measured out by doctors in specific doses on a case to case basis.

Residential Treatment

The purpose of keeping clients on-site for treatment is to minimize the presence of temptation. But aside from that, residential treatment also gives them the opportunity to ‘reset’. This is especially important after what might have been one of the most stressful points of their lives.

The Pecan Haven property makes the ideal place for residential treatment because of its relaxing, comfortable ambiance. During their stay, clients room in with other members of the program in 8-bed cabins. This close proximity allows them to feel a sense of belongingness. Treatments vary from person to person but include individual and group therapy most often. The center also offers nutrition therapy, physical exercise, and other supportive therapies.

Intensive Outpatient Program

IOP works for those who are a little further along in their recovery journey. The intensive outpatient program combines independence with structure. Clients enrolled in the Pecan Haven IOP must attend group sessions several times in a week, depending on their goals for treatment.

Individual and family therapy are also part of the program. What’s unique about IOP however is that clients are free to go home in between sessions. This lets them readjust to their everyday life and routine as they become more capable of making healthy decisions. They’re also encouraged to continue work and other obligations. This is so they can ease into their home life without losing the support of treatment.

Assessments and Admissions

The admissions process begins with an online form that clients can fill out through their website. For more urgent concerns, the Center leaves their hotline available for those who need immediate assistance.

Once client completes the form, staff perform a telephone assessment. The purpose of this is to get the basic information necessary to determine the individual’s eligibility for their program. After this step, the Center takes the time to review the client’s history. They also take information about the individual’s insurance before they receive approval for admission.

Pecan Haven accepts a variety of health plans including United Healthcare, Aetna, AmeriHealth, Louisiana Health Connections, Healthy Blue, and Medicaid. For those who might not have their insurance provider listed on the website, the Center urges them to send an email nonetheless. Emails sent through their contact form allow the center to discuss other potential payment arrangements.

Pecan Haven Facilities

As the crowning glory of their treatment center, Pecan Haven’s facilities have become something of a selling point. Needless to say, it also stands as the centerpiece for the premier drug recovery service provider. Their campus rests on a 35-acre pecan grove, complete with 10 8-bed cabins for clients to bunk together.

Their facilities include a picturesque pond, a multipurpose center, and a cafeteria. They also have several group therapy rooms and recreational areas including a pingpong space. A tennis court, basketball court, volleyball arena, and a fully equipped gym are also available on site.

Pecan Haven Reviews

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google, Pecan Haven enjoys a seat among some of the most positively reviewed recovery centers in Louisiana. The Center’s friendly staff, tranquil facilities, and professional services have earned them an overwhelmingly positive response from their past clients and their families.

“The entire staff, all councilors, techs, are amazing. They really seriously care about you making it and helping you because almost all of them were addicts. […] The concept they teach is very understanding and they do have an option of AA meeting or church on Sundays. The property is beautiful and very peaceful!”- Krystal Allen, Google Reviews

“I’ve been through several treatment centers and the experience I have had at Pecan Haven is sincerely the [most] well rounded. The staff is amazingly, counselors with passion for helping others, and even the environment itself is an anointing experience.” – Melissa James, Google Reviews

As expected however, there’s no such thing as a perfect recovery center. Some reviews about Pecan Haven leave negative remarks about their staff, while others express a longing for the Center to involve the families of their clients more especially during residential treatment.

“Horrible staff.” – Jakob S., Google Reviews

“I am so very upset with the way I was treated. My wife went there for treatment and is very pleased with her recovery. But the whole time she was there, her counselor and the staff […] never included me in her recovery [and] would not even let me speak to her. I would hope they rethink their policies and include the family more.” – James Potter, Google Reviews

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