Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

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The Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center has been around since 1993, offering high quality care and support for those hoping to live addiction-free. The Center takes pride in their team of highly experienced professionals who share 250 years of expertise among themselves.

Combining a variety of evidence-based therapies, Palmetto aims to resolve addiction through education, cognitive restructuring, and emotive therapies that they believe are the pillars of effective treatment. This, in combination with their highly involved multi-disciplinary team, provides the foundation for recovery success.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Mission and Principles

The professional team at Palmetto ensures the highest level of care for all of their clients. It’s the Center’s mission to provide effective, compassionate care that meets all of the needs of each individual wherever they may be in their recovery journey.

Palmetto employs only the best in the mental health and drug addiction recovery fields to ensure consistent, professional care. With this, they make it their primary goal to truly understand where each patient is coming from and the distinct features of their chemical dependency to make sure they’re getting treatment that’s right for them.

To ensure that their clients get relevant care that’s appropriate for their situation, and that gears them towards lifelong recovery, the Palmetto Recovery Center uses the following principles to guide their treatment programs:

  • Genuine Care– Palmetto believes that real recovery can only be achieved when workers genuinely care about the welfare of their clients. Their team of dedicated professionals tout years of experience and knowledge. This gives them the best possible vantage point to fully understand what their clients are going through.
  • Expertise– While all healthcare workers provide priceless care and services, Palmetto’s team of experts offer what they assert to be the highest quality care in the business. Their veteran healthcare workers have years of experience under their belts to guarantee effective treatment.
  • Accessible– Accepting the need for help can be stressful enough, thus Palmetto refuses to add financial worries to that burden. The Center tries to make their services available to everyone by offering a variety of payment arrangements and terms.
  • Therapeutic Environment– Aside from fashioning their center to provide a therapeutic experience, Palmetto also ensures that the atmosphere created by their team helps to support all the therapies that happen at the facility.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Treatment Programs

Having been around for close to two decades, Palmetto has worked to develop a range of treatment programs. These carefully consider the context that each patient might find themselves in. The programs are tailored to match different groups of people at different phases of the recovery process so they can get care that’s appropriate for their situation.

Three-Day Evaluation

Palmetto places great emphasis on the evaluation process. They believe that the reason why most recovery programs fail is because they rush through the assessments. Thus they fail to get a full understanding of what their clients need.

Their 3-day evaluation program helps those who might not see their drug or alcohol use as a problem. The process involves a three-day admission during which professionals assess the extent of drug or alcohol use to determine whether the individual requires more intensive treatment.

Medical Detoxification

During the acute phase of a chemical substance addiction, the Palmetto provides medical detox services. Of course, this works to cleanse the toxins from the substance and stabilize the individual’s health. The process is overseen by their team of medical professionals. Then doctors provide appropriate medication to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal and ensure a safe detox.

Residential Addiction Treatment Program

This program provides clients a residential living space where they can stay for the duration of the treatment. Ideal for those struggling with more severe chemical dependence, the Palmetto residential addiction treatment program provides sheltered care and scheduled everyday routines that give clients the structure they need to recover.

Professionals Addiction Treatment

Tailored to provide maximum privacy and confidentiality, the professionals addiction treatment service offers recovery for those who might hold high positions that require more discreet care. Most of those who enroll in the Palemetto professionals treatment program include doctors, lawyers, public personalities, and the like.

The purpose of their professionals addiction treatment is twofold. First, it helps the individual recover. And second, it prevents a lapse in licensure. Palmetto works with accrediting boards to prove that their professional clients demonstrate the fitness retain their license and resume work.

Intensive Outpatient Program

For individuals who might not be able to commit to residential programs, the intensive outpatient program works best. This service provides structure, support, and flexibility for those further along in recovery. Clients attend sessions throughout the week, ranging in frequency and duration depending on their specific needs. They’re free to return home, engage in work, and fulfill other obligations in between sessions.

Relapse Prevention Program

The relapse prevention program works for individuals who might have successfully completed a program, but still find themselves returning to drug or alcohol use. The team at Palmetto takes the time to assess the individual and where the underlying issues might be that are causing them to relapse.

The program lasts up to 8 weeks, during which a comprehensive evaluation and assessment occurs. Once the relapse pattern and triggers are identified, the client will then be enrolled into a recovery program that matches their needs.

Family Program

Palmetto believes that families play a vital role in both the development of addiction and its resolve. Their Family Program offers counseling and therapy for family units in order to help each individual process their relationships and establish healthier bonds between each member.

The family program helps members understand addiction and reduce confusion and frustration. They also work to empower the family to move towards a healthier dynamic to prevent addiction for good.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Payments

Palmetto believes that everyone should have access to quality care, and that’s why they offer a variety of payment arrangements and options. The Center also accepts payments made through insurance providers. To learn more about payment options, reach out to their hotline or send a message through their contact form.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Reviews

With an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Google, Palmetto is one of the more positively reviewed recovery centers in the state of Louisiana. Most of the feedback left for the Center details pleasant experiences when it comes to the staff, the treatment, and facilities.

“Great staff. Beautiful view of the bayou. Awesome gym equipment if you’re into that type of thing. Definitely would recommend.” – Courtney Kinman, Google Reviews

“This place saved my life. I finished the 90 day program and I’m thankful every day for Palmetto. The staff and the environment are beautiful. The help that I received there has helped me more than the lifetime of therapy I received before.” – Heather Stevens, Google Reviews

“Palmetto changed my life. It’s was the best thing that ever happened to me! It tops all other rehabs. Give it a shot. You might actually find yourself.” – Nicholas Ledet, Google Reviews

While the positive reviews are overwhelming, there are a few that detail a less than satisfying experience. Some complained of the lack of maintenance, while others were dissatisfied with the staff.

“Palmetto was the worst experience of my entire life. I was treated cruelly and my entire treatment plan was filled with misunderstanding.” – Jill Saigusa, Google Reviews

“The website makes it look like a 5 star hotel, which it definitely not.” – Jason G., Google Reviews

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