Addiction Treatment Program

Our name Elev8 is all about its definition: to raise up to a higher position. The team here at Elev8 believes that everyone has the chance to expand themselves and develop an improved sense of self. Elev8 has come to rely on 8 founding concepts when it comes to treatment.


It is more than just stopping a substance use, it is about changing the way in which someone thinks, feels, and behaves. We assist people in getting sober but move past that to embracing full Recovery.


This is the foundation of what makes us who we are, it is our system of belief. Elev8 is here to help you understand your core principles and work to assist you in creating the healthier and happier life that you want.


This is your moral code that has been damaged by using substances. Your values are important to us and we are here to assist you in identifying the most important values you have in life and collaborate you in achieving them.


This is about you learning how to be “whole and undivided.” Over the time of using substances, we have come to not feel whole and feeling split in our lives. At Elev8, we encourage you to look inside yourself and do a honest reflection into your life and learn about what needs to change to support your new healthy life.


You are not alone. Addiction makes people believe that they have no one to turn to and Elev8 will show you that is not true. Elev8 promotes an array of outside recovery networks to support you in the process of getting sober. We look forward to educating you on all your options.


Many things will get in your way of achieving your success; however, no matter how hard things may get, you continue to grow in your recovery. Elev8 will educate you on the correct ways of motivation and mindfulness to assist you on preserving.


Here at Elev8, we are committed to reaching out and embracing diversity. Addiction is color, race, and gender blind. We want everyone suffering from the disease of addiction to have the ability to grow and prosper in our program.


Lastly, Elev8 wants to assist you in making your mark in the world. Recovery is just a small part of creating your own legacy in the world. Recovery is the first step in this wonderful journey of the world. Each step that you make in your future is message that we promote that you share to those that come after you.


Do More Than Recover…. Leave A Legacy

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