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Odyssey House Louisiana (OHL) was established in 1973 to provide an overarching addiction treatment service for clients in a safe and secure environment. The facility is a non-profit behavioral healthcare provider of treatments that include substance abuse treatment, complete physical and mental healthcare, life skills training, vocational training, individual and group counseling, parenting classes, childcare, case management, and housing placement. OHL works to encourage clients to be proactive regarding their treatment and recovery and aims to help them live functional and productive lives.

OHL is a nationally recognized model treatment program that researches and conducts proven approaches to treating addiction and substance abuse. The center collaborates with a range of community resources to enable a positive healing process for its clients, helping them start new lives and build healthy habits. Clients who participate in a recovery program at Odyssey House Louisiana will return to society with new skills for both living and working and be assisted in the process of gaining employment and housing. Graduates of the center’s program will also be ready to return to society with an understanding of how to take responsibility for themselves and others.

Odyssey House Louisiana operates under the philosophy that to succeed, the whole person must be treated, not just the addiction. This approach ensures the center is able to address the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of each participant and treat their illness accordingly.

The center provides services to over 1000 individuals each month, offering them comprehensive services and support systems. This helps clients plan new lives and return as productive members of society.


Odyssey House Louisiana Facility:

Odyssey House Louisiana is located at 1125 North Tonti, New Orleans, LA 70119. It is a not-for-profit provider of behavioral healthcare, specializing in the treatment of addiction and substance abuse. The center is accredited in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services and Administration.

The facility boasts 126 long-term residential beds in which patients can stay for six months or longer, 100 short-term beds, and 50 detox beds. OHL also has an Intensive Adult Residential and Community Health Center. Rooms are set up in dorm-style accommodation, with patients sharing rooms and bathrooms.

The facility also offers other amenities, including a computer lab that is available for patients to use when applying for jobs and working on vocational training. Staff closely supervise clients who are spending time in the computer lab. Clients are not allowed phones or personal computers during their stay, but they can use the facility phone during the evening.

The center allows visitation privileges; however, these are determined according to each client’s personal treatment plan. Standard visitation is permitted on the weekend.

Patients undertake therapy in daylight and evening hours and are permitted to enjoy free time until lights out at 10:30 pm.

All meals are designed by qualified nutritionists and prepared by kitchen staff. The center takes allergies and dietary requirements of all patients into consideration.


Odyssey House Louisiana Program:

Odyssey House Louisiana offers a range of treatment services, all designed to provide care to clients in a safe and secure

 environment. The center offers the following therapy and treatment options:


  • Group therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Coping skills
  • Individual therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Life skills education
  • Addiction education

OHL also offers a sobering center, a detox program, short-term adult residential facilities, intensive outpatient and long-term housing facilities, a community health center, and personal case managers, as well as programs designed to provide youth and minorities with specialized assistance and care.

The facility’s community health center is available for walk-in appointments Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 am and 12 pm. The center conducts routine health screenings, treats acute illnesses, manages chronic health conditions, and addresses general healthcare areas. It also provides behavioral health services through counseling, medication management, STD screening and treatment, HIV testing, and supportive services. With a registered dietician and a nurse care manager on staff, the center is well-positioned to answer questions about diet and nutrition as well as diagnoses, medications, and management plans.

Odyssey House Louisiana also offers treatment for mental health disorders in their residential treatment program.


Odyssey House Louisiana Staff:

Edward C. Carlson – Chief Executive Officer

A graduate of John F. Kennedy University, Edward C. Carlson completed his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in substance abuse. He has been CEO of Odyssey House Louisiana since 2005 and has over 35 years of experience in the field of human services and addiction treatment. He works hard to expand the facility’s outreach and community service, designing and implementing programs and managing staff, resources, and financial health. Odyssey House Louisiana has significantly expanded while he has been in the position of CEO and is now the largest and most comprehensive substance abuse treatment facility in Louisiana.


Shawny Robey – Chief Operations Officer

Shawny Robey graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and later went on to complete a master’s degree in Communications. She also has a Master of Business Administration from Florida International University.

With nearly 15 years of healthcare experience under her belt, Shawny first joined OHL’s Senior Team in 2019 as the Program Director for the sobering center, short-term residential, long-term residential, and community support services. She later transitioned into the COO position, where she oversees day-to-day operations, ensures policies are followed and procedures are enforced, and works closely with the CEO to make sure staff are adequately guided and supported.


Other Staff

The center employs program directors for each facet of the organization, including the detox program, the residential programs, the community support services, the community health center, and the sobering center.

The facility also consults with qualified nutritionists to plan meals for patients and employs numerous kitchen staff to ensure patients are kept well-fed with healthy, regular meals.


Odyssey House Louisiana Pricing:

The pricing at Odyssey House Louisiana varies across the center’s range of programs. The facility offers clients the chance to apply to pay for treatment based on a sliding scale policy, meaning fees are charged according to patients’ ability to pay, household income, and personal expenses.

The center accepts payment via Medicare or Medicaid, and patients are required to submit all relevant documentation to staff upon admission to the center. Insurance documentation must be submitted as well.

Odyssey House Louisiana is one of only three facilities of its kind in the Greater New Orleans area that offers treatment on a sliding scale pricing structure. Most centers offer patients the option to use Medicare or Medicaid.


Odyssey House Louisiana Reviews:

Odyssey House Louisiana offers a huge range of treatment services for patients and is the most comprehensive substance abuse treatment center in the state. It also offers patients the option to pay fees on a sliding scale basis, showing that it is willing to treat clients regardless of their ability to pay.

The facility offers clients support at every stage of their recovery journey, from initial inpatient services to housing and employment assistance upon completion of the program. Based on the center’s comprehensive range of services, it seems to be a good choice for patients who are serious about overcoming substance abuse issues in the New Orleans area.

Based on reviews from a number of websites, not everyone has enjoyed a positive experience with Odyssey House Louisiana. Despite this, a majority of patients seem to be satisfied with the center. Based on these reviews and the center’s comprehensive offering of services, we would rate it a 7/10.

Odyssey House Louisiana – Google Review

“The detox is amazing. TVs in all the beds, decaf coffee, red delicious apples and hot chocolate 24/7 and the staff is accommodating. Keep in mind these places deal with a ton of people detoxing and lots of aggressive people so they are a bit tense. But considering all they deal with they do wonders. A tech even bought me a pack of cigarettes when I was transferring to the 28-day program. They also give you all the meds you need to detox with as little pain as possible, suboxone, valume, anxiety meds, nausea meds.★★★★★


Odyssey House Louisiana – Google Review

“I have witnessed so many lives changed because of the work that OHL does for individuals and the community. When it seems no one cares, the staff at OHL never stops caring. Even in the worst of times when others walk away, Odyssey House Louisiana will always be there!★★★★★


Odyssey House Louisiana Inc Reviews, Ratings | Rehabilitation – Birdeye.com

“Their detoxing program cured me.” ★★★★★

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