Longbranch Healthcare Recovery Center Review

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Longbranch Healthcare Recovery center review

With three different locations in Louisiana, Longbranch Healthcare Recovery Center views itself as a holistic treatment center for individuals seeking to recover from substance abuse. Their programs integrate different therapies and treatments to help individuals through various stages of the recovery process.

Placing emphasis on mind, body, spirit, and family, Longbranch Healthcare takes the recovery process from an educational vantage point. By providing their clients essential knowledge on their recovery and their condition, the Center aims to achieve lasting recovery.

Longbranch Healthcare Mission and Core Values

Started in 2015, Longbranch Healthcare was established by a former addict and and alcoholic. After entering a recovery program himself, Chris McMahon discovered a new life he never thought possible. Not wanting others to miss out, he established Longbranch with the same goal of providing quality care for those who need it.

According to their website, it’s Longbranch Healthcare’s mission to provide clients an educational and experiential recovery program that provides them all the knowledge and tools that they need for a lasting recovery. The Center uses only evidence-based treatment methods through the expertise of their professional team to ensure effective results for all of their clients.

Longbranch Healthcare Core Values

There are several principles that guide Longbranch Healthcare’s services. These help their team keep their objectives in mind and abide by the standards set forth by the administration.

  • Holistic– Longbranch believes that addiction is a disease that affects the whole person. That’s why they combine therapies for the mind, body, spirit, and for the families of all of their clients.
  • Evidence-based– Taking cues from leading scientific research, Longbranch Healthcare uses only evidence-based techniques to deliver real, tangible outcomes that are rooted in research.
  • Education– According to Longbranch, education can work as a firewall against recurrent drug use. They use their therapies and modalities to provide their clients a wealth of information to help them gain insight on their condition and the nature of drugs and alcohol.
  • Hope– There’s no such thing as a lost cause. At Longbranch, they offer hope to all of those seeking to live addiction-free. They inspire their clients with hope by claiming that addiction is treatable and the hope for recovery is available to anyone who wants it.

Longbranch Healthcare Treatment Services

There are several different treatment programs offered by the Longbranch Healthcare Center that provide help at different phases of the recovery process. This allows the provider to support clients at varying degrees of substance abuse severity by treating them ‘where they are.’

Residential Inpatient

The Longbranch Healthcare Center provides spacious living areas and facilities for those eligible for their residential inpatient treatment program. Spanning up to a month or more, depending on the client’s needs, this program also offers holistic education and various experiences to create structure and establish health habits.

During this time, the Longbranch Healthcare team works alongside clients to keep them guided and guarded throughout their stay. Combinations of individual and group therapies provide a strong foundation for lasting recovery. They also offer healthy, hearty meals that help restore health and keep the body in optimal condition.

Intensive Outpatient

Ideal for clients who might have obligations and responsibilities they can’t leave behind, the intensive outpatient program gives each client a schedule of activities throughout the week. These include sessions for group, individual, and family counseling.

During this time, clients are free to work, ensuring that they fulfill their recovery goals and schedules without a hitch. They’re also free to go home at the end of each session. Subsequently, this provides more flexibility and freedom ideal for those a little further along in their recovery.

Adolescent Outpatient Therapy

Intended for individuals who might be at risk of developing addiction and other related disorders, this program helps adolescents establish health routines to minimize their risk. Workers collaborate with parents, family, as well as friends to provide their adolescent clients fruitful group therapy and individual therapy sessions.

The program works for adolescents who might have already developed a substance use problem. These treatment plans aim to help teens embrace a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, they also undo negative thought and behavior patterns that might be contributing to their substance use.

Longbranch Healthcare Recovery Center Program Components

Therapies are provided depending on the unique needs of each of their clients. Nonetheless, there are a few components of treatment that are almost always required. These are thus considered a staple throughout their offered services:

  • Family Counseling– Longbranch strongly believes that the family unit plays a strong role in the resolve of substance abuse. Thus all of their programs require family involvement to restore relationships and resolve potential problems within the family unit.
  • Individual Therapy– These sessions help to give clients a better understanding of their own flaws. Of course, they also provide insight on potential reasons for their inclination towards substance use. Individual therapy also opens the door for counselors and healthworkers to determine how well their treatment plan is taking effect.
  • Group Therapy– Providing individuals a chance to establish healthy socialization skills, group therapy sessions also offer a sense of belongingness, allowing clients to see that they’re not alone in their journey.
  • Nutrition– A good diet is also part of the Longbranch therapy service. The facility employs the expertise of gourmet chefs that work hand in hand with nutritionists to make sure all inpatient clients receive proper nutrition.
  • 12-Step Programs– The Longbranch Healthcare Center strongly advises all of their clients to join an appropriate 12-step program whis is also available on-site. These programs bolster spiritual healing and provide a therapeutic group experience.

Longbranch Healthcare Recovery Center Facilities and Payments

To support their goal of lasting recovery, Longbranch offers spacious, therapeutic environments. Of course, these bolster the effects of their treatments. Their properties sit nestled in secluded, forested areas that keep their clients out of the stressful cityscapes.

For residential inpatient clients, Longbranch offers double-occupancy rooms with an in-suite bathroom. Full beds and high ceilings add comfort, while gourmet chefs deliver five-star food that supports overall health.

The Longbranch Recovery Center also has a pool, a yoga studio, a fully-equipped gym, and various recreational areas that provide clients a truly therapeutic experience anytime they’re in the facility.

The Center does not explicitly state whether they accept insurance as payment. However some reviews have stated that Longbranch only accepts full payment up-front before treatment. To learn more about their payment arrangements, contact them through their hotline or their contact form.

Longbranch Healthcare Recovery Center Reviews

Longbranch Healthcare receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from most of their previous clients and their families. On Google, the Center has received an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars, with majority of the feedback describing a positive experience.

“Would highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues.” – Randy Clunan, Google Reviews

“Extremely nice, helpful people. It’s also beautifully remodeled, first class facility!” – Jason Felean, Google Reviews

“Such a well organized and efficient staff. Wonderful location and great patient/counseling ratio. I definitely recommend.” – Lorna Taylor, Google Reviews

“Uniquely intensive programming that offers practical knowledge, experience, and skill sets instead of empty platitudes and slogans sets Longbranch apart from the rest. The staff is extremely dedicated and caring.” – Preston Satchwell, Google Reviews

On the other hand, they have received some negative feedback. One particularly critical review described an experience when Longbranch kicked out a client from their center for testing positive for alcohol:

“I would not recommend this facility to anyone in need of treatment.[…] After 1 random drug test that showed positive for alcohol, not the illegal drugs that almost killed him, they released him after 10 days of a 45 day program with no care or regard to how it would affect him.” – Dana Venezia

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