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The road to recovery is never an easy one to take, and no one has to go on that journey alone. Suppose you or a loved one are faced with the challenge of overcoming addiction. In that case, Lake Wellness Center and its team of experts are there to help guide patients towards recovering and maintaining sobriety.

Addiction is prevalent and widespread across the United States, and the state of Louisiana is no exception. With the growing epidemic of prescription drug use and the abuse of street drugs, Louisiana communities are facing challenges with the various effects that substance abuse has on families, society, and the economy.

Lake Wellness Center, located in New Orleans, LA, dedicates itself to helping anyone struggling with addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other illegal substances. They pride themselves on confidentiality and keep their patients’ privacy a top priority. Most insurance plans cover their award-winning comprehensive treatment programs for addiction.

It can be challenging to know where to start if you are in New Orleans, Louisiana, and are trying to find a pathway out of your addiction. Fortunately, recovery and addiction treatment centers like Lake Wellness Center are there to help provide their clients with resources, knowledge, and treatment to help them finally break free from addiction.


New Orleans, LA Lake Wellness Center Facility

Lake Wellness Center is located at 3620 Chestnut St, New Orleans, LA 70115. They understand that patients will want to learn more about their facility and what a typical day at outpatient rehab looks like; therefore, you can call them anytime at (504) 676-5253.

If you are looking for inpatient or residential treatment and care, Lake Wellness has two facilities located in Alexandria that can provide this to you. Keep in mind that this type of therapy is typically longer in duration and costs more due to the required extra care.


Lake Wellness Center Programs

Lake Wellness Center wants you to have the information you need to make an informed decision about whether you or your loved one may have an addiction issue that requires professional help. If it is time to seek treatment so you can live a healthier, safer, substance-free life, call them and take step one by being evaluated to assess the extent of your addiction, and they will work with you to devise a treatment plan that will fit your personal needs.

They completely understand that it may be uncomfortable for some addicts to share information about their lives and their substance use with strangers. However, it is important to keep in mind that this addiction assessment is essential to your recovery, what kind of treatment you will personally require, and determining the right course of action. They believe patients must be 100% transparent and honest with their treatment coordinators.

This facility also understands that addiction to drugs or alcohol is a chronic and progressive disease, and it is not a moral defect. You can feel comfortable with their staff, as you will be treated with respect, understanding, and care when seeking outpatient care with them.

They take a unique approach to treating addiction involving alcohol and drugs, called “The Lake Wellness Way.” This method is the guiding principle and innovative medical treatment model that shapes one’s perspective of what addiction actually is, and instead of treating it as a fault in character or as a poor series of choices, it is treated as a brain disease.

Substance abuse was once focused on the premise that patients who are now battling addiction were once normal and healthy individuals who had made life choices which ultimately led to them become dependant on chemicals. Contemporary research has helped recognize that substance abuse isn’t an accurate description of what we know regarding addiction. Addiction is a brain disease and should be treated like one if a patient is to heal and recover truly.

By treating an underlying condition with The Lake Wellness Way, they can help patients avoid relapse and temporary suppression of symptoms. The Lake Wellness Way utilizes a form of outpatient treatment based on medical and clinical monitoring to collect scientific data from patients, which helps them create and customize effective treatment plans.

It also helps to stabilize unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms of detoxing and treating addiction-related complications. Once a patient is stabilized, their program offers a long-term plan to keep an addict from relapsing.

The Lake Wellness Way isn’t viewed as a typical drug rehab. Instead, Lake Wellness Center provides outpatient programs that use disease monitoring, genetic testing, medication, and therapy as a powerful method of treating addiction and helping patients stay sober.

Their team also does its best to work with patients to accommodate their schedules as much as they possibly can. Their innovative treatment method is focused on the following:

  • Outpatient medical detox, withdrawal, and stabilization
  • Daytime and evening outpatient treatment programs
  • Programs designed for professionals, students, and parents with busy schedules
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive testing
  • Weekly family nights
  • Biologically stabilizing medications
  • Ongoing chronic disease management
  • Substance abuse education
  • Effective treatment and affordability


Other Important Information

Their outpatient treatment program offers flexibility and takes place during evening hours as well, so you do not have to skip your other responsibilities such as work or school.

The length of the intensive outpatient treatment varies depending on the patient and their specific needs. After completing IOP treatment, Lake Wellness offers continuous care for a recovering addict’s lifetime, and patients have the option to remain in a chronic disease management plan to keep their addiction disease in permanent remission.

Lake Wellness Center also likes to involve the patient’s family in treatment. Their treatment program involves group and family therapy. This is because they believe patients can benefit from having their family present at times for them to better understand the addiction and what is causing it. This can encourage healing and improve long-term chances of staying in recovery and help the family become more supportive of their family members’ problems.


Lake Wellness Center Staff

Of course, staff and clinicians at a treatment facility are incredibly important. The best facilities will be staffed with highly experienced and trained professionals who are certified and licensed. Having a weak or inexperienced staff will ultimately result in a lower chance of patients successfully recovering. Lake Wellness offers a strong, reliable, and trustworthy staff ad support team to their patients.

Members of the Lake Wellness Center’s clinical staff have multiple years of experience when it comes to working with people to help them overcome their substance abuse and addiction problems. Their treatment team is staffed with compassionate, understanding, caring, and qualified clinicians.

They only select licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, social workers, nur

ses, therapists, and support staff to work with their patients on their plan for long-term recovery and sobriety.

Lake Wellness Center’s leadership team brings expertise, clinical knowledge, care based on research, and healthcare operations to every one of their locations.


Lake Wellness Center Pricing

Lake Wellness Center’s out-of-pocket pricing is $4,608, and this price includes 32 total group sessions, one-on-one weekly therapy, and weekly or bi-weekly appointments with their medical staff.

They also accept private insurance; all you need to do is give them a call to see if your specific insurance provider covers treatment. Also, since Lake Wellness is outpatient, their treatment is more economical than costs associated with traditional inpatient hospitals or facilities.

It’s best to contact them as soon as you are ready to be evaluated to discuss your specific treatment needs, and speak to them about the total cost and mention your insurance if you have private insurance to see what your official price will be.


Lake Wellness Center Reviews


Lake Wellness Centers facilities all seem to have relatively good reviews across various websites. We can’t find anything in particular that leads us to believe that this center would be a poor choice for someone seeking help.

The fact that they are so dedicated to helping their patients achieve a sober life, and they do so with a different, innovative approach than most other treatment facilities, is a major plus. Lake Wellness seems to provide its patients with something different compared to other treatment methods that may not work well for some.

They also offer flexibility for clients who have to work or go to school and keep their privacy and confidentiality a top priority. Given all of this information, we would rate Lake Wellness Center an 8.5/10.

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“Lake Wellness has helped to introduce me to a group of like-minded individuals with similar experiences and problems. I have always been a procrastinator and desperately needed a push. Lake Wellness has helped me to finally arrive at a starting point.” ★★★★★

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“Lake Wellness Center’s outpatient clinics provide medically-assisted detox – allowing people to get the treatment they need without having to miss work or be away from their families. Patients can feel better faster due to great therapists and physicians who treat addiction as a disease. This is addiction treatment at its finest!” recommends Lake Wellness Center

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“I can’t say enough about this wonderful staff. They have truly helped me and given me so much information to take with me. This is a lifelong disease, so you have to take the information and use it for the rest of your life.” ★★★★★


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