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laaark recovery review

It’s LaArk’s goal to offer individuals recovering from substance use an opportunity to recover — no matter their financial capabilities. They do this by accommodating a number of payment options that make their programs accessible to everyone. That includes even those with limited insurance or none at all.

While they have been met with some negative criticism in the past, the center continues its operations and asserts its status as a high quality treatment center offering quality care. Today, LaArk extends both inpatient treatment services and family and aftercare programs that deliver support and assistance at different phases of the recovery process.

LaArk Recovery Mission and Philosophy

The LaArk facility is a 72-bed inpatient drug recovery treatment facility offering care for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction and dependence. The center claims that it offers care at low or even no cost,\. This makes their treatment programs accessible to individuals who need it most but don’t have the means to afford more expensive centers and treatments.

Ultimately, their mission is to make recovery accessible for everyone. Operating under the idea that sobriety is possible no matter how severe addiction might be, LaArk’s objective is to simply make it possible for the most vulnerable to receive care. This supports them so they can get the same chance at an addiction-free life as more privileged groups.

Their core philosophy includes:

  • No or low cost– Drug addiction and seeking recovery can be difficult enough — individuals don’t need the added stress of figuring out how to pay. LaArk’s services let clients focus on their recovery instead of stressing over where to get the money to pay.
  • Tailored– Everyone has different needs and LaArk strives to accommodate each person. Their individualized treatment programs don’t only pay attention to different personalities and levels of addiction but also consider things like co-occuring conditions.
  • Continuous– Recovery doesn’t stop after rehab. The LaArk program incorporates an aftercare treatment option for all. This hopes to bolster what clients learn when they’re admitted and to provide support for lasting recovery.
  • Complete– LaArk believes that drug addiction is a family disease. That is, it doesn’t only affect the household but is also somehow caused by family dynamics. That’s why they offer programs that provide assistance for families as well. These hope to improve their understanding of addiction and create a more supportive environment for recoverers.

LaArk Recovery Treatment Programs and Services

LaArk offers a modest range of treatment programs that provide guidance and support at different points of the recovery process. While most probably wouldn’t describe their programs as comprehensive, they do deliver important services that may be pivotal to lasting recovery.

Inpatient Treatment

The LaArk facility houses 72 beds that provide spacious, comfortable living conditions for individuals enrolled in their inpatient program. The inpatient treatment program is recommended for individuals who might require a break from their usual surroundings.

Offering a clean, relaxing place to spend the next few months, this program gives individuals the opportunity to reset after undergoing detox. The purpose of an inpatient program is to give clients the chance to undo unhealthy habits and negative thinking patterns. This is so they can adapt healthier routines and behaviors to support their recovery.

At LaArk, the ipatient recovery program is considered the foundation of lasting sobriety. The program emphasizes group and individual therapy. This hopes to teach clients coping mechanisms and techniques to help them overcome temptation and urges. And because of the challenges of  greater independence later on, these skills should come in handy.

The inpatient program also combines medication management and holistic therapies. These involve diet, nutrition, exercise, and recreation to give clients comprehensive treatment. It also targets all the different areas of their everyday life for complete recovery.

Family Education

LaArk stands by the concept that recovery becomes faster and more effective when family and friends take part in the process. Their family education program aims to provide relatives and loved ones better insight. This is so they can fully understand the why’s and what’s of the drug addiction development and recovery process.

During the program, families will be provided practical, actionable tools and techniques. Counselors provide instruction on how they can use to address various issues and potential roadblocks to recovery. They’ll also receive support and guidance that might help them become better equipped to deal with the stress of their situation.

Aftercare Planning

While LaArk doesn’t offer any outpatient programs, they do work together with their clients to properly plan the next steps of recovery once they’ve completed their inpatient program.

It’s LaArk’s recommendation that clients proceed to a sober living home after treatment. No more than 90 days should pass after they leave the inpatient program. The facility also provides assistance to enroll their alumni in relevant 12-step programs. They also provide schedules to guide their next steps.

LaArk Recovery Prices, Payments, and Insurance

One of the reasons why LaArk has become particularly popular is because they provide some of the most affordable drug recovery programs in Louisiana. The center claims that their programs come at low or even no cost. This makes recovery available and accessible to almost anyone who needs help.

The center accepts a number of private insurance providers. These include AmeriHealth, Healthy Blue, United Health Care, Aetna, and Louisiana Healthcare Connections. They also take Medicaid.

For those who are under or uninsured, LaArk provides a sliding scale fee. This adjusts the price of their services based on the size of the client’s household income. They also factor in the number of people in their family. By adjusting their prices, LaArk makes it possible for clients to self-pay without placing too much of a burden on their budget.

LaArk Recovery Reviews

LaArk has an average rating of 3.3 out of 5, taken from 9 ratings on their Google Business Profile. Majority of those who have left reviews claim that the facility has helped them achieve lasting recovery through effective, compassionate, and individualized care.

“I loved my time at LaArk. I’ve changed a lot since I was there 2 months ago. Thanks to all the techs, nurses, and counselors there. [You all] are awesome, thanks for everything.” – Lena Levron, Google Reviews

“I absolutely love you all! My stay was wonderful!” – Faye Van Hoose, Google Reviews

Critical reviews however paint a different picture of LaArk entirely. While the center claims to deliver quality care, negative feedback sheds light on potential problems in the way they manage their facilities and deal with their inpatient clients.

“If you truly want help staying sober this is not the place for you. Too many things over looked by the staff. You’ve got men sneaking out at night to go over and sleep with the woman, patients doing/selling/ trading meth, opiates, cocaine, etc. […] Several patients sneak cell phones in, not to mention the ones that sneak away from the facility to do drug deals. The location is terrible and I’m not sure if it’s just lack of care of just complete ignorance on the staff’s part but either way not a good place for a recovering addict.” – Victoria Brittain, Google Reviews

“Never send anyone to LaArk.” – Charles White, Google Reviews

It pays to know that these allegations have not been proven as fact. However despite the strong statements, LaArk has yet to respond to the critical feedback left by former clients on their Google Business profile.

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    EThe center accepts a number of private insurance providers. These include AmeriHealth, Healthy Blue, United Health Care, Aetna, and Louisiana Healthcare Connections. They also take Medicaid.

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