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Operating since 2004, Greenpath is a licensed, privately-owned, not-for-profit substance abuse and mental health treatment facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. Greenpath was founded after the owner realized there was a clear need for substance abuse rehabilitation and mental health services in the Greater New Orleans area.

The center is fully accredited to provide mental healthcare services, substance use treatment services, counseling support, and education services by the Council on Accreditation. It is also licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health to provide behavioral and substance use treatment services.

Greenpath aims to provide clients with overarching and reliable counseling services, substance use rehabilitation, and mental health treatment. The center delivers these services to patients with enthusiasm and compassion. Greenpath is also dedicated to fostering a drug-free, crime-free environment for each one of its patients. The facility is committed to excellence and dedicated to each patient’s personal success.

The purpose of Greenpath’s programs is to identify and provide individualized treatment options that address clients’ alcoholism, substance use, and other behavioral problems. The facility’s qualified professionals also regularly research new strategies to give their clients the chance to increase their potential for success in becoming self-sufficient, gainfully employed members of society. There is also a focus on reducing the likelihood of clients relapsing.

Greenpath upholds the highest standards of care for each client, whether they be participating in the substance use program, addiction, and rehabilitation program, or taking advantage of mental health services. The center ensures all treatment is consistent with regulations, with the long-term aim being the client’s recovery. The facility also offers assistance through training programs to help clients develop functional skills. It also provides links to community resources.

The overarching treatment philosophy at Greenpath revolves around providing a consistent, high-quality service that positively impacts the lives of clients and enforces desirable habits. This is a philosophy that is driven by timely and helpful service. According to the facility, this increases the chance of clients achieving their desired recovery objectives. It also ensures the center is committed to client confidentiality. Greenpath constantly explores innovative ways to improve continuously by researching methods related to best practice treatment and professional ethics.


Greenpath Facility:

Greenpath is located at 411 South Broad Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119. It is a licensed and accredited healthcare provider focusing on substance abuse recovery and mental health treatment. It offers treatment programs for a wide range of groups, including teenagers, men, women, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, trauma victims, people living with Alzheimer’s, and persons with eating disorders. The center is also well-known for its programs dedicated to treating veterans and military families affected by mental health disorders. The facility also offers services for the deaf and hard of hearing, Native American speakers, and Spanish speakers.


Greenpath Program:

The Greenpath facility offers a three-pronged program, with services based around mental health rehabilitation, counseling and education, and substance abuse treatment.


Mental health rehabilitation

Greenpath’s mental health rehabilitation program is specifically designed to target issues presenting as psychological and emotional in patients from the age of five to late adulthood.

The center starts with an initial face-to-face meeting with the client or their mental health agency contact. After this has been completed, the center will administer an extensive biopsychosocial assessment performed by a licensed clinician. After this assessment, the client will undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation with one of the center’s experienced psychiatrists.

Greenpath’s mental health rehabilitation program’s final step is linking the client up with a qualified, skilled mental health professional. This expert meets with the client in a space the client is comfortable with, which might be their school, their house, or somewhere else in their community. This aids in increased comfort and building of rapport between the client and the mental health professional. This allows the mental health professional to directly observe the client’s presenting issues in their natural environment.

This program’s end goal is to help the client stabilize and improve their overall ability to function psychologically. This is done via continued psychiatric and counseling services.


Counseling and education

Anger management classes

Greenpath provides anger management classes to help clients learn to manage anger, stop violence and the threat of violence, and develop self-control over their thoughts and actions. Through this program, clients receive support and advice from peers in a safe, secure environment. This course is designed to help clients understand their feelings and address them in a more productive, healthy manner.

Domestic violence/no abuse

Greenpath’s domestic violence/no abuse classes assist patients who exhibit violence and/or threaten violence toward their spouse or other members of their family. They learn to develop self-control over their thoughts and actions, and they receive support from their peers in an environment that is safe and confidential.

This program’s overall aim is to provide patients with the awareness, understanding, and skills to control their emotions. Clients undergo individual and group counseling sessions to help them understand productive ways to control their temper before reaching a level that is considered abuse. Thanks to this educational, therapeutic process, clients and their spouses are able to live in productive marriages and enjoy higher-quality lives.

Classes in this program occur once a week from 12 pm to 1 pm on Wednesdays. The course lasts for 26 weeks. Clients receive a certificate of completion once they have finished the course, indicating that they are able to manage their anger in a healthy way.

Substance abuse treatment

Greenpath’s substance abuse prevention programs address drug and alcohol abuse in all their forms. This includes underage use of legal drugs, use of illegal drugs, and the inappropriate use of legally obtained substances and prescription medications and over-the-counter medications. The program aims to target modifiable risk factors and identified protective factors.

Treatment is provided to both adolescents and adults, and suitable evaluation tools are used to address each individual’s specific addiction. Greenpath offers all of these services via its outpatient program.

The center also offers a National Guard Program to assist adult National Guard clients suffering from substance abuse and behavioral health issues. Any guardsmen who test positive for illicit substances are placed in this program, which usually takes between three weeks and two months, depending on the level of the client’s need and the intensity of the client’s addiction.

​The center also offers a range of ancillary services to its patients, including:

  • Assertive community treatment
  • Case management
  • Family psychoeducation
  • Illness management and recovery
  • Integrated primary care service
  • Legal advocacy
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Suicide prevention services
  • Supported employment
  • Supported housing
  • Smoking and tobacco cessation counseling
  • Detox services
  • Treatment for gambling disorder


Greenpath Staff:

Staff at Greenpath are skilled, experienced, and passionate health professionals who are dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of care and empathy. The Greenpath team works collaboratively to treat patients and provide them with specialized care and personalized treatment.

With certified counselors and mental health professionals on its staff, the facility is able to offer a high quality of care and assistance to each patient who enlists its services.


Greenpath Pricing:

Pricing varies across the center’s range of programs. Greenpath accepts payment via Medicare, Medicaid, military insurance plans, and cash. The center also offers patients the option to pay using a sliding scale, meaning fees are charged according to patients’ ability to pay, household income, and personal expenses.


Greenpath Reviews:

Greenpath’s recovery programs seem to revolve mostly around behavioral therapy and substance abuse treatment, meaning it is a more specialized center than others of its kind in the area. That being said, it does offer a huge range of ancillary services, so clients can be sure they are getting a comprehensive, reliable service.

Reviews for Greenpath seem to be mostly positive across a variety of review websites. The general consensus seems to be that Greenpath offers a specialized and effective range of treatment programs that successfully treat clients’ problems. Based on these reviews and the facility’s range of programs, we would rate Greenpath a 7/10.

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“This is a fantastic, well-run facility in New Orleans. I have the privilege of working with some outstanding therapists, doctors, and staff.” ★★★★★

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“I feel grateful for everything they did for me in this place .” ★★★★★

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“This place really helped me.” ★★★★★

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