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The picturesque facilities at Edgefield Recovery Center provide the perfect backdrop for a therapeutic experience. Nestled in Cheneyville, Louisiana, Edgefield Recovery Center is a 70-bed residential drug treatment center that provides a range of services for both inpatient and outpatient clients.

Combining a therapeutic environment with professional, evidence-based care and compassionate service, Edgefield aims to support their clients towards lasting recovery. Their warm, homey facilities are their main selling point, but their services definitely don’t lag behind.

Edgefield Recovery Mission and Values

The Edgefield Center has its foundations in the ever iconic 12-step program. The purpose for adapting the model is to ensure that their clients can adjust to outside, community support programs like the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous once they leave the facility.

When the owner, Robert Rayford, first acquired the 27-acre property, he sat under one of its large oak trees and felt that it was the kind of place that was ideal for helping others. He soon converted the private farm and orchard into a spacious drug rehab center with the ultimate goal of changing the way people perceive recovery.

Today, the Edgefield Recovery Center holds on to several guiding principles to steer their services in the right direction:

  • Environment– The Center holds on to the belief that a person’s immediate environment has a strong impact on their recovery. Their 27-acre farm and orchard provides lots of space to move and comfortably decorated interiors to help clients feel relaxed and at ease to support their treatment.
  • Compassion– Edgefield’s team of professionals aren’t only experienced but are also highly dedicated to their job. The Center upholds the highest standards for care, ensuring that all of their clients are treated with respect and compassion.
  • Evidence-based– All of the treatments and therapies performed at Edgefield have their foundations in research and science. Their team of professionals routinely updat their knowledge through seminars and classes. They also continue education to keep their knowledge relevant and updated.

Edgefield Recovery Center Treatment Programs

Every client is different, and the Edgefield Recovery Center aims to ensure that all individuals receive high quality care that caters specifically to their needs and the context of their situation. That said, Edgefield has a number of treatment programs available, all of which address varying degrees of addiction severity.


This sub-acute treatment program helps cleanse the body from toxins and chemicals. The purpose of detox is to stabilize the client and minimize the manifestation of painful withdrawal symptoms. Detox is performed on site under the supervision of the Edgefield team of doctors and professionals.

Inpatient Assessment

While other treatment facilities perform their assessments over the course of a few hours, or even over a telephone call, the Edgefield Recovery Center takes it a step further with their inpatient assessment.

During the period, the individual is admitted to the facility and they undergo an extensive evaluation process. All information collected provides an in-depth, holistic understanding of the individual, their context, and the most appropriate treatment program for their case.

Inpatient Residential Treatment

This rigorous treatment program calls for 15 hours of individual therapy each week. This goes on top of several sessions of group and family therapy. The Edgefield Recovery Center inpatient residential treatment can last up to a month or more This ultimately depends on the client’s distinct situation.

During the residential program, staff routinely assess clients for progress so healthcare workers can fine-tune their approach. They’re also given a variety of adjunct therapies such as nutrition therapy, exercise, and aftercare planning. They also offer a number of educational classes about drugs, relapse, and more.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

At Edgefield, intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) requires three group therapy sessions with a counselor every week. These nightly programs make it possible for those with work and other commitments to attend after their hectic morning schedules.

Aside from group sessions, clients also attend individual and family therapy sessions as required. Involvement in AA or NA is also a requirement for the program. As clients move along in their recovery and respond positively to treatment, Edgefield workers adjust schedules to be more forgiving.

Family Program

The family program provides a stage for clients and their families to iron out any issues that might be contributing to the addiction. Edgefield believes that families play a unique, significant role in recovery due to the intimacy of relationships within the dynamic. Through the family program, clients and families get a chance to understand each other and support each other through to lifelong recovery.

Relapse Prevention

This program specifically teaches individuals how to recognize the signs of an impending relapse. They also provide instruction on what they need to do when they see them. The realpse prevention program provides actionable tools and lessons that individuals can use in a real world setting to prevent the risk of recurrent drug use.

Edgefield Recovery Center Facilities

As the crowning jewel of their services, the Edgefield Recovery Center’s facilities tout unmatched comfort and luxury. The spacious 27-acre property was once a farm and a pecan orchard, which the present-day management has decided to keep intact.

Complete with a bayou, this picturesque facility provides lots of room for clients to move around and experience the therapeutic benefits of nature. Some of the structures date back to the 1930’s, boasting rich history that’s cemented within its walls.

Their residential facility touts warm interiors that mimic a comfortable home on the edge of the country. Beautiful Victorian-style interiors provide a 5-star experience that keeps clients comfortable and relaxed throughout their stay.

Edgefield Recovery Payments and Insurance

Edgefield is slightly more expensive than your average treatment facility for obvious reasons. Fortunately, they accept a variety of payment arrangements to fit different financial capabilities. They accept private insurance, third party payors, and Medicaid.

While these are their preferred payment options, the Center may be able to accommodate other payment arrangements. To find out whether they accept a sliding scale fee or other insurance provides, it would be best to reach them through their hotline.

Edgefield Recovery Center Reviews

The Edgefield Recovery Center has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google, making it one of the most positively reviewed centers in the state of Louisiana. Not surprisingly, most of the positive feedback offers praise for the spacious, comfortable facilities and the accommodating staff.

“I absolutely loved my experience at Edgefield. The grounds were breath taking, the staff were welcoming, the program was empowering. I didn’t want to leave.” – Ashley Jordan, Google Reviews

“I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to ERC! They saved my life. The administration, techs, nurses and all other staff are great people! Is a beautiful place to start our road to recovery.” – Jill Fondren, Google Reviews

“Edgefield recovery center was a beautiful experience and I would recommend it for anyone struggling with substance abuse.” – Chad Elder, Google Reviews

But on the other side of the positive reviews, there have been a few negative experiences detailed in their feedback. These reviews outline poor experiences with staff and the administration, which is most often the reason for any negative reviews about ERC.

“The left hand has absolutely no idea what the right hand is doing at this place. One person would tell me one thing, and another person would tell me something completely different. This is a difficult time for anyone when they have to put a loved one in rehab, but usually you at least want to know that the rehab is ready and willing to help your child.” – Jana Sanders, Google Reviews

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