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Covington Behavioral Health is located in Covington, Louisiana. It is a treatment center that specializes in providing its patients with compassionate, individualized care for adults and adolescents with their mental health and emotional wellbeing in mind. Covington offers inpatient care with detox along with outpatients care services as well.

Covingtons caring staff is dedicated to providing patients with personalized and effective care. They treat a wide range of mental health challenges. They provide acute inpatient for those who require psychiatric stabilization or detox, and for those transitioning out of treatment, they have outpatient options. Their programs can be customized to best serve the needs, strengths, and personal goals of each person in their care.

Personalized treatment is one of their strong points. They fully understand that no two individuals will have identical experiences at Covington, and all of their patients’ journeys towards recovery will be slightly different from each other. Of course, there are essential features and core principles in treatment that are incorporated into all levels of care.

They pride themselves on providing a respectful and dignified environment to their patients. They realize that one of the aspects of mental illness is that these disorders often undermine one’s sense of self-worth. Regardless of the setbacks, challenges, and problems patients experience before arriving at Covington Behavioral Health, they make it their goal to celebrate the strength and motivation that enabled them to seek treatment and take control of their lives.


Covington Behavioral Health Facility

Covington Behavioral Health’s facility is clean and simple and provides patients with a great environment to focus on healing and recovering. On their website, they provide a full virtual tour which is extremely convenient for those who want to tour the facility but don’t have a whole lot of free time, or who want to do it ahead of time before they commit to a treatment program with them. You can see everything from hallways to exam rooms.

Covington is equipped with 104 beds, a gym, a cafeteria, an outdoor space for fresh air, and more. It is located at 201 Greenbriar Blvd, Covington, LA 70433.


What to Expect

Each patient will complete a thorough assessment and will follow a personalized treatment plan. This includes ongoing evaluation to ensure that they can make continuous positive progress and are receiving the services and care that will help them succeed.

A typical full day at Covington Behavioral Health is based on structured and supportive activities, with plenty of interaction between others who are also progressing in their recovery and your treatment team. When it comes to specifics regarding your daily routine or schedule, it will be heavily determined by the personalized plan that you and your treatment team decide is best.

Before admission into Covington, patients will be provided with a detailed list of items they can or cannot bring with them to the facility. All items on the prohibited list are placed there because of the desire to protect everyone at the facility and to make sure that everyone has positive experiences while they are in their treatment programs.

Approved individuals will be approved for visitation when the time is appropriate. Covington Behavioral Health appreciates the value and support that loved ones that bring to the treatment process.

Length of stay for each patient is heavily determined upon a thorough assessment of their specific needs and goals. It can also change during treatment depending on the patient’s progress in the program. No matter what, the length of stay will ultimately be determined with the intention to help the patient succeed and achieve long-term recovery.



Covington provides care not only to adults 18 and older but also to adolescents between 10-17 years of age.

They treat a wide range of mental and behavioral health problems including but not limited to:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective disorder
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Self-harming behaviors
  • Unresolved effects of trauma


Covington Behavioral Health Programs

Covington offers an array of behavioral treatment programs to suit every individual’s needs.


Adolescent Inpatient

When a younger person experiences the distracting symptoms of a mental health disorder, it will oftentimes lead to difficulty concentrating on academics, impacting their relationships to close friends or family members, and may prevent them from enjoying their favorite activities. Mental health disorders make it difficult for them to navigate and live their best life, as the symptoms are usually challenging to cope with.

Covington dedicates itself to helping children and teens find hope and be positive and optimistic about their futures. Their inpatient program gives youth the chance to receive professional care without worrying about the stress and distractions associated with their everyday life.

Adolescents in their treatment program will experience a supportive, healing, and comfortable environment where they can greatly benefit from group therapy sessions. They help them understand that they are not alone in the struggles and challenges that they are facing, and they can gain insight from others who are participating.

When your child is set to leave Covington, their staff makes sure that they are provided with a comprehensive discharge plan that gives them the knowledge and resources to continue their progress long after they leave treatment.


Adult Inpatient

Their adult inpatient program is designed for adult women and men who are 18 years of age or older and who struggle with one or more mental health disorders and require psychiatric stabilization.

Covington uses various treatment techniques and approaches to therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, crisis intervention therapy, solution-focused therapy, medication management, psychotherapy, and creative therapy, including music and art.

Each patient will have a unique experience at Covington due to their specific goals, needs, and treatment objectives. Depending on these unique factors regarding your treatment, your program may or may not include the following:

  • Detoxification: Covington recognizes that many patients may have struggled with addiction or substance abuse in addition to their mental health issues. For that reason, they offer detox services for individuals who need to withdraw safely and transition into inpatient care.
  • Medication Management: Covington believes some patients may greatly benefit from prescription medications that can be incorporated into their treatment plans. Any patients who are deemed to require medications will meet with their psychiatrist and members of their nursing staff consistently to receive management services regarding their specific medication.
  • Individual Therapy Sessions: Patients in Covingtons inpatient program are given the option to meet with a member of their social service staff or nursing staff for individual, one-on-one therapy as needed.
  • Group Therapy Sessions: These sessions are critical elements of the inpatient treatment program at Covington. Patients can participate in activity groups, creative therapy groups, dietary groups, process groups, and psychoeducation groups. These therapy sessions are held and conducted by nurses, activity therapists, mental health technicians, and members of their social services staff and are offered around five times per day.
  • Family Therapy Sessions: These therapy sessions can be scheduled as needed or by request, and are usually held by the patients’ case manager.


Intensive Outpatient

Covington accepts all adults 18 years of age or older into their outpatient program. Their intensive outpatient program is designed for adults who can benefit from step-down support after they have already completed a higher level of care. Some patients can also enter IOP without completing prior programs; this depends on their specific needs.

Many health issues and concerns can be addressed and treated through Covington’s intensive outpatient care. Such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and much more.

There are a few circumstances that will prevent them from admitting certain individuals into their IOP, including:

  • Anyone who is deemed to be a danger to themselves or others, or who is experiencing active suicidal ideation or homicidal ideation.
  • Adults who have not been able to end their active substance use will be required to complete detoxification before starting IOP.

Admission into their IOP is made on an individual basis, which follows a thorough review of the patient’s needs, history, and treatment goals. If, for some reason, you do not meet their intensive outpatient admission criteria, they will recommend a different level of care or a separate provider.


Covington Behavioral Health Staff

In addition to making sure all of their patients are treated with compassion, respect, and dignity, the team of professionals working at Covington Behavioral Health embraces and embodies the highest standards of their fields of expertise.

Covington is fully staffed with psychiatrists, medical psychologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, licensed clinical social workers, licensed counselors, activity therapists, mental health technicians, and a staff dietician.


Covington Behavioral Health Pricing

Pricing is determined on an individual basis depending on specific elements that will be required for your care at Covington and vary from person to person.

You’ll start with a free assessment of your needs, and a member of their admission team will then provide you with details regarding the costs that will be associated with your treatment and care. They will also work with you to help identify insurance benefits to which you may be entitled.


Covington Behavioral Health Reviews

Covington appears to have a good idea of what their patients need, and while everything sounds great on paper, Covington Behavioral Health does not have the best reviews compared to other Louisiana treatment facilities.

Many users have serious complaints about the food that is served at their facility, the therapy sessions, and some also complain about the staff not being as compassionate and caring as they claim to be. However, the reviews aren’t completely negative. Others did have positive things to say about staff members and the facility. Taking all of this into consideration, we would rate Covington Behavioral Health a 4.5/10.

COVINGTON BEHAVIORAL HEALTH HOSPITAL – Addiction Medicine – 201 Greenbriar Blvd, Covington, LA – Phone Number (

“I just spent the week in this hospital and it needs much improvement. The nurses aren’t accommodating or friendly to patient’s needs. The techs were very helpful and Ms. Sharon (part of social services was great) but other than that the staff is very lazy. They stay on their phones and you have to ask multiple times to get anything done. The particular doctor I saw rushed through every meeting that I saw her and did not want to give me anxiety medication that I desperately need. She released me from the hospital with no anxiety medicine and knowing that I still was suffering from extreme anxiety. Majority of the stay is spent sleeping, eating, and watching tv. They definitely need more groups and activities for patients. I have been to much better hospitals.” ★★★

Covington Behavioral Health – Reviews, Rating, Cost & Price – Covington, LA (

“Angie King who helped wirh intake was so helpful and amazing. All staff treated me with respect and compassion. I felt like they all work there to really help others and it showed. The doctors and especially Dr. Shanta was so wonderful and smart and insightful and I really felt that she understood my anxiety and depression issues and wanted to help me in every way and also with putting me on the right medications. They also wouldnt let me leave until they knew that I had a family plan and resources and also future therapy and medical care. I was in excellent hands and was actually a little sad to leave. I would highly recommend this facility to all including family and friends. My best interest was all they were worried about!!! Thanks so much for everything you did and for starting me off on my new leaf.” ★★★★★

COVINGTON BEHAVIORAL HEALTH HOSPITAL – Addiction Medicine – 201 Greenbriar Blvd, Covington, LA – Phone Number (

“This place should be investigated for insurance fraud. The nurses are incompetent and unskilled, I noticed one scrolling her phone, rolling her eyes and putting her head down to sleep while patients did a group activity. The group activities are childish and lazy. I was placed here with criminals who had been through Angola for serious crimes and was sexually harassed constantly. They treat people like animals here. I filed several complaints against nurses’ licenses and would encourage others to do the same.” ★


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