Covington Behavioral Health Hospital Review

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covington behavioral health hospital review

The Covington Behavioral Health Hospital is both an acute inpatient facility and an aftercare and outpatient treatment provider in Louisiana. The 104-bed facility treats a range of mental health conditions including addiction, providing their clients varying degrees of care that cover all aspects of the recovery process.

With programs that start at the detox phase all the way up to aftercare, Covington Behavioral Health Hospital offers services that provide support and guidance every step of the way. While they aim to provide polished services all around, their staff proves to be their greatest investment.

Covington Behavioral Health Hospital Mission

Covington Behavioral Health Hospital makes it their objective to provide efficient, effective, premier health care services to all of those who enter their doors. The center believes that it’s their responsibility to provide uninterrupted care to support a lasting recovery.

So to preserve the momentum of their clients progress, Covington ensures that the next steps of treatment are readily available. That’s why they offer different levels and degrees of care through their comprehensive continuum of treatment services.

Covington Behavioral Health Hospital Values

Covington Behavioral Health Hospital places significant importance on the expertise and professionalism of their staff. As their biggest investment, they make sure that all of their personnel abide by specific values to guide their treatment delivery and ensure quality care. These core values include:

  • Respect– Most of those who undergo treatment for substance use disorder often feel outcast and unwelcome. This comes from the stigma surrounding the condition. However the staff at Covington ensure that all clients are treated with due respect. The welcoming ambiance makes them feel valued and respected so as to improve outcomes of their treatment.
  • Dignity– There have been many stories of individuals being mistreated in drug recovery facilities, pushing them further away from lasting recovery. Covington’s staff places dignity as one of its highest priorities, treating all clients with with respect to their value and worth as human beings.
  • Comprehensive– Covington sees drug addiction as a condition that affects the entire person. By offering treatments that address all aspects of health and daily life, the center aims to produce lasting results.
  • Complete– The momentum of progress can easily be lost when clients leave a program without being given an appropriate next step. The Covington facility offers a continuum of care that delivers treatment programs and support for every phase of recovery.

Covington Behavioral Health Hospital Treatment Programs

Addiction recovery and treatment can be tricky because clients can backslide into old habits with insufficient or inappropriate support — even after they’ve successfully completed previous steps. That’s why the Covington Behavioral Health Hospital provides a range of treatment programs that cater to clients wherever they may be in terms of recovery.


The Covington Behavioral Health Hospital offers on-site facilities for drug detoxification. Overseen and managed by their mutli-disciplinary team, the purpose of the detox program is to cleanse clients from residual toxins and relieve urges and cravings.

Detoxing can lead to painful, serious, and even life-threatening symptoms when performed without proper care or expertise. To prevent that, Covington BHH ensures that clients receive round the clock monitoring as well as medicated treatment so symptoms minimize.

Inpatient Treatment Program

The Covington Behavioral Health Hospital follows their detox program with inpatient rehabilitation. This phase of the recovery process involves placing the individual in a safe, comfortable environment for a specific duration of time to help them recover from the initial stress of their treatment.

The environment also gives clients the opportunity to rewire their thinking by way of counseling and therapy. While admitted, clients are provided a variety of therapies including individual counseling, group therapy, nutrition therapy, exercise, and recreation.

Adolescent Inpatient

Adolescents who may suffer from addiction and other mental health disorders require unique care compared to adults. To cater to their distinct needs, the Covington Behavioral Health Hospital provides younger clients their own inpatient programs. These aim to address issues that are more prevalent among the youth but do so in a more relatable manner.

Counselors, therapists, and social workers who manage this department also receive specific training to ensure that their skillset and techniques are a fit for clients in the adolescent age range.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a rigorous outpatient treatment process. Its aim is to provide clients necessary support and guidance so they can continue their journey even after they’ve been discharged from residential treatment. The program’s goal is to maintain structure and continue skills training and education as clients try to adapt to more flexible, independent living conditions.

IOP continues many of the therapies used in residential treatment including individual and group counseling. Clients may also be required to join a 12-step program so as to bolster their dedication to staying clean. IOP can extend for several months after discharge and may be provided during a stay in a sober living home.

Covington BHH Prices, Payments, and Insurance

The Covington Behavioral Health Hospital accepts a variety of insurance providers to make their services more accessible to their client base. Some of their accredited insurances include:

  • BlueCross Blueshield
  • Cigna
  • Healthy Louisiana
  • Humana
  • Medicare
  • Tricare

While they might not be able to accommodate all insurance providers, the center invites all individuals looking for treatment to reach out. The center works to accommodate all clients and tries their best to make flexible payment arrangements.

Covington Behavioral Health Hospital Positive Ratings

There are a total of 61 reviews on the Covington Behavioral Health Hospital Google Business Profile, earning them an average rating of 3.0 out of 5. Clients who have left positive feedback claim that the center’s professional team, their individualized programs, and their compassionate care make them well worth patronizing.

“The staff and doctors went above and beyond to stabilize my son when he was having behavioral issues. I would recommend Covington to my family and friends. Thank you so much.” – Jimmy B, Google Reviews

“Covington Behavioral is an excellent facility. They offered clinically superior care that was personalized to our needs.” – James Buras, Google Reviews

“Staff was very nice. Was a good experience considering what I was going through. I would recommend to family or friends going through a difficult time. – Aimee Bogs, Google Reviews

Covington Behavioral Health Hospital Critical Ratings

However despite all the positive feedback they’ve received, many of their past clients and staff have had less than positive things to say about their programs and management.

“After a year, I still have PTSD from the incompetent frauds they call nurses and doctors. I witnessed functionally illiterate people being taken advantage of due to not having the language skills to advocate for themselves. I will continue to speak out in the community about my horrifying experience here.” – Nas P, Google Reviews

“This place is so very sad. I went there for suicial ideations, social anxiety and BPD a couple years ago. [I] was there for 7-10 days and all they wanted us to do was color, play board games and watch TV. Very little counseling/therapy was provided for us.” – Prentiss Chavers, Google Reviews

“If you’re seeking help, this is not the place to go. The website says they have all these programs and medical professionals. Have not seen one doctor at this place. Absolutely no programs at this place. Literally just sit there all day long. No medical help what so ever. Website is completely misleading and a total lie.” – Monty Travis, Google Reviews

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