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center for behavioral health shreveport

The Center for Behavioral Health is a network of treatment centers across the United States that treat all sorts of substance use disorders. Their treatment center in Shreveport, Louisiana offers drug addiction treatment as well as anger management and family, group, and individual counseling.

While the center works with individuals with all sorts of addictions, opiate addiction remains their main focus. The center provides medically assisted treatment alongside counseling and other supportive treatments and therapies to improve the chances of lasting sobriety.

Center for Behavioral Health Mission and Approach to Treatment

The main objective behind the treatments is threefold: improve employment chances, prevent relapse, and avoid legal troubles associated with substance use. The Center for Behavioral Health also provides success rates on their website, detailing how well they’ve managed to achieve these goals.

According to their website, the Center states that their programs increase the number of clients who report having adequate employment from 50% to 65% after 6 to 12 months of treatment. Eight out of 10 of their patients report no illicit opiate use after six months to two years of treatment.

And finally, involvement with criminal justice drops to 6% from 21% after six months to two years of treatment under their programs.

Interestingly, the Center for Behavioral Health claims that they don’t have a philosophy when it comes to treatment. They do not impose a specific counseling philosophy and believe that everyone requires a different approach.

This means that they don’t impose any specific core values for their workers to abide by. The Center takes pride in its diverse workforce, with employees coming from different backgrounds. They say that this diversity allows them to connect with each client regardless of their history.

Center for Behavioral Health Services Offered

Their Shreveport center offers treatment for addiction as well as anger management treatment. Although similar to most branches of the Center for Behavioral Health, their Shreveport center focuses mainly on opiate addiction, offering a variety of treatment options for those who suffer from the condition.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opiate Addiction

The Center for Behavioral Health Treatment provides three different options for medication-assisted treatment. These include methadone, buprenorphine, and Vivitrol. This allows the center to provide customized care for each of their patients, since some individuals may respond better to certain types of medication.

The purpose of medication-assisted treatment is to manage the symptoms of addiction and reduce cravings and urges associated with opioid use disorder. By normalizing and stabilizing the individual’s symptoms, they become more receptive to other forms of treatment necessary for recovery.

At the Center for Behavioral Health Treatment Center, individuals are provided measured doses of medication prescribed by the physicians on-site. These medications are provided at the facility for the first few weeks or months of treatment, and then maybe given as take-away doses that clients can use at home as they progress through treatment.


Counseling goes hand in hand with medication-assisted treatment, especially when addressing opiate addiction. The Center provides a variety of counseling options that are given to clients depending on their needs.

Individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling sessions are all scheduled depending on the individual’s specific situation and help both client and health workers to progress through the treatment plan.

Through counseling, workers get a better understanding of the context of the client’s life and experiences, allowing them to fine-tune the treatment program to match their situation. In the same vein, counseling also helps clients identify problem areas, harmful behaviors, and past trauma that might be affective their journey to recovery.

Counseling isn’t only made available for individuals recovering from opioid addiction. The Center takes referrals for people suffering from substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, compulsive gambling, and domestic violence.

Anger Management Treatment

Anger management treatment classes usually last for six sessions and provide individuals helpful and practical tools that they can immediately apply in their daily lives. These techniques help them effectively manage anger outbursts, especially if their relationships are particularly strained.

The sessions are provided by counselors, therapists, and social workers involved in the Center for Behavioral Health program, giving individuals a more holistic idea of the dangers of explosive, excessive anger, and how to cope with strong emotions.

Center for Behavioral Health Facilities

Since they operate as an outpatient treatment center, the Center for Behavioral Health in Shreveport, Louisiana doesn’t have beds or rooms for their clients. Instead, the treatment center provides a variety of facilities that helps support the therapies and services that happen within their offices.

They provide spacious group therapy rooms as well as comfortable, private individual counseling areas that provide a safe, secluded space for clients to feel more open to sharing. Their facilities might not be described as state of the art, but they are quiet and therapeutic, providing a homey ambiance for their clients and their families.

Center for Behavioral Health Prices and Payments

The Center for Behavioral Health understands that payments can be difficult especially for individuals in the lower socioeconomic classes. That’s why they explicitly state their daily rates for full transparency, and so that clients can anticipate how much they should expect to pay for the services.

Prices are as follows:

  • Assessment – $125
  • Individual counseling – $50/session
  • Group counseling – $20/session
  • Anger management – $125/6 sessions

Do note that while some of their services come at a price, the Center for Behavioral Health offers a number of free services. Screenings for drug and alcohol addiction, comprehensive recommendations for treatment, and aftercare are all available at no cost. They also offer free treatment for qualifying individuals.

They also offer a number of other lab tests that may be necessary for drug recovery treatment. For a full list of their services and their corresponding prices, it would be best to reach out to the Center for Behavioral Health office through their hotline or the contact page on their website.

While clients can pay in cash, the center also allows payments made through their insurance coverage. The Center for Behavioral Health accepts the following insurance providers:

  • Aetna Medicaid MCO
  • AmeriHealth Medicaid MCO
  • HealthyBlue Medicaid MCO
  • Louisiana Health Care Connections Medicaid MCO
  • United Healthcare Medicaid MCO
  • Federal Medicaid
  • Federal Medicare

Center for Behavioral Health Shreveport, LA Reviews

The Center for Behavioral Health in Shreveport, LA has amassed a substantial number of reviews, particularly on their Google Business Profile. Their average rating stands at 3.9 out of 5, based on feedback taken from 25 reviews.

Feedback comes from past clients, their families, and previous workers, giving a holistic idea of what you can expect from the center should you ever find the need to avail of their services.

“My wonderful counselor is the best. She doesn’t mind me calling her and just listening to me until I feel better. Thank you for allowing me to call you & you know who you are.”- Rhonda Dillion, client, Google Reviews

“Unrealistic goals and everyday stand in line for dose. Rules were written by bureaucrats and people from state health. The main thing is money!” – Kevin, client, Google Reviews

“I enjoyed working here and felt connected to the majority of the clients and fellow employees. The cons would be nursing staff was nearly always short-staffed, with myself being the ONLY nurse for many periods of time, as well as, having to do inventory, pharmacist corrections, etc. Also, I don’t feel the employers are very concerned with the nursing staff.” – April Bailey, former nurse, Google Reviews

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