BAART Programs Breaux Bridge Review

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BAART programs breaux bridge review

The Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment Programs, also simply called BAART Programs, have been around for 40 years. They specialize in opioid addiction treatment, offering their clients outpatient recovery programs that allow freedom and flexibility while allowing lasting effects that support lifelong freedom from substance dependence.

BAART Programs Beaux Bridge center has been in operation for 15 years and aims to provide quality evidence-based opioid addiction treatment to individuals in the area. Their accessible treatment programs are supported by a variety of insurance providers, making their services accessible to a wide client base.

BAART Programs Mission and Philosophy

BAART Programs focus mainly on opioid recovery, but they offer a range of other supportive services that many opioid recovery centers fail to provide. With this holistic approach, BAART Programs hope to improve the outcomes of treatment for all of their clients in support of lasting recovery.

They uphold several principles as part of their philosophy to guide their treatment services. These include:

  • Chronic and Relapsing – The BAART Programs operate under the concept that opioid use disorder is a chronic, relapsing condition. This means that all treatment services are geared towards complete recovery, but don’t rule out the risk of relapse.
  • Treatment on Demand – One of the hardest parts of treatment is getting individuals to admit that it’s necessary. BAART Programs uphold a treatment on-demand model that minimizes barriers so individuals can access services as soon as they’re ready.
  • Individualized Treatment – Tailored programs work best to target each individual’s unique needs. This also makes it possible for clients to advance through the stages of recovery at a suitable pace.
  • ‘Where They Are At’ – BAART Programs uphold that treatment should be available to clients regardless of where they are in the process of recovery. This involves a complete assessment of their physical, psychological, and social needs to determine where they are and how to treat them.
  • Comprehensive and Affordable – Treatment should cover all of the aspects of life involved in or affected by addiction. All of these services should be made affordable to clients across all socioeconomic classes so everyone has a shot at recovery.
  • Support Networks – The family is an important support network that needs to be involved in the recovery process. BAART Programs provide opportunities for family and friends to take part in the services for lasting results that are translated into the home and the community.

BAART Programs Treatment Services

As an opioid recovery center, BAART Programs’ treatment services are completely outpatient. They combine both medication-assisted treatment and addiction counseling which have been proven to be the most effective treatment combination against opioid use disorder.

BAART Programs Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment involves providing clients medications that control the effects of withdrawal and cravings during detox. These medications are given in decreasing dosages so clients can effectively wean off of the substance without experiencing the painful effects of withdrawal.

The BAART Programs Medication-Assisted Treatment is overseen by licensed medical practitioners who carefully calculate the ideal dose per client. Medications are provided at the facility as necessary, but may also be dispensed to clients who are further along in their recovery journey.

As patients become stable under a therapeutic dose of the medication, they may then be involved in other treatment services offered by BAART Programs. Combining medication-assisted treatment with counseling has often been considered the most effective way to treat opioid use disorder.

BAART Programs Counseling

It can be difficult for clients to recognize harmful behaviors and patterns when they experience the symptoms of addiction and dependence. That’s why the BAART Programs treatment plan waits for clients to achieve stability and freedom from addiction symptoms before they engage in counseling services.

Once the therapeutic stability is achieved, individuals may undergo individual, group, and family counseling depending on their specific needs and situation. The primary goal of the counseling process is to identify and address any issues and traumas that may contribute to a person’s inclination to abuse a substance.

While everyone is different, counseling services ultimately aim to provide individuals helpful tools and practical skills they can use to overcome daily stresses that might urge them to use opioids and other substances. They’re also provided an in-depth understanding of the science of addiction to give them better insight into cravings and urges.

In some cases, clients may also be invited to join 12-step programs alongside their medication-assisted treatment and counseling services. This often isn’t required but is recommended especially for individuals who are observed to benefit most from fellowship therapy.

BAART Programs Supportive Recovery Services

BAART’s range of treatment services doesn’t end there. The treatment center offers a variety of other services to support their medication-assisted treatment and their counseling programs. These include:

  • Coordinated pregnancy treatment resources
  • Lab work
  • Case management
  • Addiction education
  • Relapse prevention tools
  • Overdose prevention education
  • Referrals to health and social services resources (housing, employment, etc)

These resources are given to clients based on their specific needs, however, the educational classes are recommended for all of those enrolled in their program. Family members and relatives are also welcome to attend some of their educational courses.

In effect, BAART Program’s treatment doesn’t only help individuals cope with addiction today but also aims to help them prevent relapse by addressing various areas of their everyday life (such as employment) that might make them consider substance use in the future.

BAART Programs Payments and Insurance

BAART Programs can be paid for using a wide range of insurances including Aetna Better Health of Louisiana, AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana, Humana Commercial, Humana Medicare Advantage, Louisiana Healthcare Connections, Magellan Healthcare, Medicare Part B, Optum, and TriWest.

All patients are charged a daily dosing fee for their medication-assisted treatment and counseling. Some individuals may qualify for treatment through Medicaid or through a grant program. To learn more about their payments and prices, contact BAART Programs Breaux Bridge.

What to Expect from BAART Programs Breaux Bridge

The intake process at BAART Programs Breaux Bridge involves an initial comprehensive assessment to determine the best course of action. This evaluation is scheduled at the soonest possible time to ensure that clients receive the time, prompt care.

Individuals eligible for the program must meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Have at least one Photo ID
  • Evidence of opioid misuse or addiction
  • Written agreement to adhere to program policy and procedures

For eligible individuals, the intake process will involve:

  • Physical examination and medical history
  • Counselor assessment
  • Referrals for additional medical and psychological services necessary
  • Urine drug screening
  • Review of program policies and procedures

BAART Programs Breaux Bridge Reviews 

BAART Programs in Breaux Bridge has received mixed reviews from its previous clients. The treatment center has an average rating of 3.2 out of 5 on its Google Business Page, with feedback providing opposing ideas of the treatment center.

“[T]his place has welcomed me with open arms, everyone seems very helpful and welcoming even though it’s a lot of us that’s coming from Lake Charles, I’m very grateful for this place although it’s a long ride.” – Laci Wise, Google Reviews

“This place is certainly not without issues, but if you actually want to clean up your life, then this place can help but it’s not end all be all, and it takes a lot of work.” – Kyle Russel, Google Reviews

“Program Director has no personality. Insufficient amount of counselors per patient. Dr is very unpredictable. He tells you one thing and does another. […] Staff gossips too much.” – Darrel Christ, Google Reviews

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