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Avenues Recovery Center at Townsend is located in New Orleans, Lousiana. This is a unique hospital-based detox and residential rehab center that focuses on a 30-day program tailored to each patient’s needs and circumstances. It provides clients with medical stabilization and an effective residential clinical treatment program. Their experienced clinical team will work with each patient and provide one on one care to ensure success.

They help rebuild patients through every stage of recovery, from helplessness to stability. They take a holistic approach to treatment and strive to treat the individual as a whole. Avenues make it their goal to work on the body, mind, and spirit instead of focusing only on the substance abuse issue.


Avenues Recovery Center Facility

Avenues Recovery Detox and Residential is located on the 5th floor of New Orleans East Hospital. The address is 5620 Read Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70127. This facility is state-of-the-art, brand new, and was built after Hurricane Katrina. It has 36 beds in semi-private rooms and baths.

This facility takes a step away from institutionalized treatment and offers patients a comfortable, contemporary, and clean environment with modern decor. You will be able to receive care in a modern, hotel-like setting. They believe cleanliness and a positive atmosphere adds something valuable to the recovery process.


What to Expect

In the first 24 hours of residential rehabilitation, their welcoming staff helps you get comfortable and settled in. You’ll then meet with a licensed therapist and a medical professional. It’s their goal to figure out what truly motivates you, and they make sure your voice is heard. This is an important step to figuring out what kind of approach will help you succeed.

If your needs require detoxification, you’ll be transported to and from the detox facility. There you will be carefully monitored because Avenues has your health, wellbeing, and safety in mind. Supervised medicinal therapy is also available if they determine that you will need it. While your system eliminates the substance, their staff will make your safety a top priority.

If detoxification isn’t necessary for your treatment, you’ll be able to tour the facility with staff members. They encourage questions as they want you to be clear on everything that is happening; this is a key part of your integration into treatment.

Each day you will be participating in three group sessions and a variety of positive recreational activities. All residential and PHP clients participate in meditation and yoga sessions to heal the mind and spirit. Patients will also have access to fitness facilities, and twice per week, you’ll have private therapy sessions with a talented, experienced addiction specialist.

This is to allow you to build strong, supportive relationships with other patients and encourages teamwork.

Group therapy can also be quite creative at times, including art therapy sessions, role-playing, music therapy, fitness activities, educational seminars, and discussions based around the 12 steps.



Avenues offer their patients gourmet catered meals, a weekly recovery

concert, fun evening and weekend activities, and gym and recreational facilities so their patients can get plenty of physical activity.

Their programs are based upon mutual support and trust in the recovery process. They state that “any activities impeding the progress of any participant are strictly prohibited.”

They recommend you bring the following items when starting residential rehab:

  • Comfortable, seasonally appropriate clothing. Short skirts and short-shorts, spaghetti straps, tube tops, or clothing with anything inappropriate depicted on it are not permitted in their facility.
  • ONLY alcohol-free toiletries. Such as shampoo and conditioner, soap, body wash, deodorant, packaged safety razors, shaving cream, toothpaste and toothbrush, makeup remove wipes, makeup, and hair styling products.
  • Packaged and sealed cigarettes, as smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas outdoors.
  • Your ID and Insurance card
  • Books to read and journals to write in

They specifically inform you not to bring the following items to their facility:

  • Electronics, such as cell phones, video games, tablets, mp3 players, or iPads/iPods.
  • Perfume, cologne, or mouthwash unless it is labeled “Alcohol-Free.”
  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited.
  • Drug paraphernalia is also prohibited.
  • Valuable items such as expensive jewelry, large amounts of money, or designer goods.


Avenues Recovery Center Programs

Avenues offer a variety of different programs to suit any patient’s specific needs.



When it comes to long-term substance abuse treatment, professional detox is often the first step. Coming off of substances such as alcohol and drugs can be dangerous, and withdrawal can be hard to cope with. This makes medical supervision necessary for some.

Withdrawal symptoms are common when you stop using substances. Avenues’ team of professionals is qualified and trained to help ease these symptoms for you and will guide you through the process, making sure you are safe and comfortable.


Residential Treatment

After you’ve completed detoxification and withdrawal symptoms have been stabilized, clients typically move onto residential and inpatient treatment.

Avenues inpatient treatment setting is a comfortable, safe environment for patients. They will be closely monitored around the clock by professionals, and their staff removes the stress of everyday life so you can focus on healing and recovering.

At Avenues Recovery Center, they don’t just focus on the substance abuse problem. They also address mental health issues and can treat common issues such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. These issues must be tackled in addition to the addiction if a patient truly wants to achieve sobriety.


Partial Hospitilaztion Program

Their Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the next phase in treatment. It is structured, evidence-based, and comprehensive. Patients will spend about five hours per day, five days per week at their treatment center, and while treatment continues, patients can live in the comfort of their own home if they’d prefer to do so.

If a patient feels they need a protected environment to live in while undergoing PHP treatment, Avenues has partnerships with nearby sober living centers.

You will partake in wellness activities, group therapy, evidence-based treatments, individual or one-on-one therapy, holistic therapies, recreational activities, and more in PHP. Free transportation services are offered to those enrolled.


Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

IOP is the next phase of addiction treatment. Avenues intensive outpatient program provides patients with clinical therapy and counseling, and you will continue to grow while maintaining your work and life responsibilities.

Patients will continue learning and developing skills. Leadership training, relapse prevention, and communication skills are key elements in this phase of treatment. You will spend three to four hours per day, three days per week, in their treatment center.


Outpatient (OP)

This addiction treatment phase is for graduates of higher levels of care and provides patients with recovery maintenance, supporting further growth.


You can expect one individual session and one group session every week. Avenues OP allows for a flexible schedule, and the length of stay in this program depends on the individual’s particular needs.


Sober Living

This phase of treatment allows individuals to ease back into normal day-to-day life. Sober living homes are less restrictive compared to inpatient facilities. They are more focused on sharing daily tasks and responsibilities to help prepare them for the reality of being back in a routine. You will complete chores, prepare meals, etc.

On weekends and evenings, patients will join in entertaining activities, such as hiking, rafting, go-karting, sports events, and much more. Learning how to have an enjoyable time without using substances is a considerable aspect of recovery.


Avenues Recovery Center Staff

They pride themselves on offering the most patient-centered care possible, and their team of staff members is qualified to help even the most at-risk patients.

They are fully staffed, complete with nurses, a full-time physician, an addiction psychiatrist, and licensed and experienced counselors. Their medical director customizes care plans for beginner and complex cases.


Avenues Recovery Center Pricing

Avenues accept a variety of different insurance providers, which can all be found on their website. They want you to have access to affordable care and do not want to keep you from experiencing sobriety based on finances.

They will work with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the maximum allowable benefit. If your insurance doesn’t cover the entire cost, they offer payment plans.

Give them a call to discuss the costs associated with their addiction program at (504) 470 – 0394.


Avenues Recovery Center Reviews

Avenues Recovery Center at Townsend in New Orleans, LA, seems to be a wonderful option for addicts seeking help. They are structured and transparent with their treatment programs, and they take pride in their clean, aesthetically pleasing facility.

Their unique take on group therapy is different than many other treatment facilities out there, offering a different approach with music, art, and other enjoyable activities to take part in together.

It seems as though Avenues doesn’t leave anything to guesswork; patients will have a very clear understanding of their rehab program. They also make it their goal to work with clients so that they can afford care and treatment regardless of their financial situation. With all of this taken into consideration, we would give Avenues Recovery Center at Townsend a 9/10.

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“I never dreamed that this experience would be such a life-enhancing journey. The caring staff always went out of their way to provide great supportive help and guidance. It was like having a master class on how to be a better, sober you. Thank you Avenues for opening doors to happiness that I thought were sealed shut.” recommends Avenues Recovery Center: Find Your Way Home

AVENUES RECOVERY CENTER – Rehabilitation Center 

“In many ways, words can’t even begin to describe the experience I had at Avenues Recovery. I was broken in every way imaginable and after spending almost 4 months at Avenues, I left a new person. I was taught new things about addiction and recovery, and about myself and who I am. At Avenues, they treat you like a person, not just another patient. They delve deep into who you are and what brought you to the place you were at before you got there. This place is truly like no other. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a better way of life. Oh and the staff is absolutely incredible. I could go on for days about how great they are, or you could go find out for yourself and while doing that, get a chance at a better life.” ★★★★★

Local Drug Rehab & Detox | Addiction Treatment | Avenues Recovery

“Avenues to recovery is an amazing place to get your life together. With beautiful facilities and housing for their clients. Transportation, housing, 12 step meetings, trips to awesome attractions. The housing staff makes their clients feel comfortable and welcoming. Their clinical staff varies from mental health to all types of addiction. I recommend Avenues to all people who really want to give themselves a shot and get better a day at a time.” ★★★★★


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