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ACER has a goal of restoring hope to anyone who has been struggling with the damaging effects of addiction. They tackle all sorts of issues, such as drug and alcohol addiction, gambling, and mental health issues.

They believe that no one has to walk the road to recovery alone, and it helps immensely to have a supportive team of people the help guide you towards sobriety. They provide patients and their families with the knowledge and resources for long-term recovery that lasts.

Patients can expect a welcoming, understanding, non-judgemental approach to healing their addiction thanks to ACER’s experienced team of caring and supportive staff members. They use holistic and innovative treatment to work towards improving their patient’s lives.

They focus on providing personalized care that will meet all of their patients’ specific needs. No two people are alike, so no two treatment programs will be exactly alike. Everyone is unique and requires individually tailored care when it comes to handling their addiction issues.

ACER teaches all of the necessary recovery skills, such as how to increase social support in a healthy manner, improve communication skills, identifying and utilizing different coping mechanisms, providing education, accountability, and structure, providing a connection to community resources and help, and encouraging spiritual growth and development.

Providing their patients with a pathway to living a functional, healthy, and productive life is what they strive to do. They also believe that the key to emotional and spiritual growth is by helping others grow.


ACER Facility

ACER is located at 115 Christian Lane, Slidell, LA 70458. Currently, their facility is operating 100% virtually due to COVID-19. This allows patients and staff to continue to work together remotely under the governors’ mandates and avoids disruption of treatment for current patients. They are also currently accepting new patients.

If you want to learn more about their facility or what treatment is like after COVID mandates have passed, feel free to call their admissions department at 985-690-6622 and ask them whatever questions you’d like to know.


What to Expect

After checking in, you’ll be required to fill out some forms. ACER’s assessor will then come to get you from their waiting area and bring you back into their office, where you will be asked various questions. The questions that you will be asked are to find out more about you, the reasons why you are seeking counseling, and they will use your answers to determine how to treat you and your problems best.

They understand that it is normal to feel anxious or nervous during your first appointment, but they assure you that you will be in good hands, and you should be as honest with them as possible.

Once you answer their questions, you will discuss treatment options and go over what approach might be best for you. After deciding on a gameplan, you will schedule your follow-up appointments to begin your treatment.


ACER Programs

ACER provides their patients with a couple of different options and services so that they can meet everyone’s particular needs.


Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

This program is 8-14 weeks in length and enables patients to establish the foundation required to achieve long-term recovery. It also encourages patients to support their community from the very beginning of their treatment.

Intensive outpatient treatment consists of individual sessions, group sessions, 12-step recovery, and drug screenings. They focus on your individualized treatment plan and perform a bio-psychosocial assessment before entering into the program.

During IOP, you can expect to participate 4x per week in group sessions, and your counselor will schedule other services at your convenience. It’s designed to be a structured program where patients are given information and guidance on successfully living a substance-free life.

Clients in ACER’s IOP stay at home and travel to the facility to participate in treatment. Some of the topics you will focus on in their intensive outpatient program are:

  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Triggers and coping skills
  • Family dynamics and the effect of addiction on family
  • Co-occurring issues
  • Managing urges and cravings
  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome
  • Understanding brain chemistry and addiction
  • Progression of the disease of addiction
  • Spirituality
  • Introduction to 12 steps
  • Stages of change

After completing intensive outpatient treatment, you will be given the option of partaking in weekly aftercare. This consists of 1-hour group sessions for up to a year after you’ve completed your treatment. This provides recovering patients with support and helps them stay sober and avoid relapsing.


Medication-Assisted Recovery

This is an outpatient program designed for detoxification individuals in a safe setting, similar to inpatient detoxification but in a less-restrictive and more affordable environment. Ambulatory withdrawal management is provided to patients with extended on-sire monitoring programs at ACER’s Slidell, Baton Rouge, and Metairie facility locations.

After an evaluation, their staff provides a treatment recommendation. The intent is to successfully and safely create a transition between active addiction and medication-assisted therapy to manage withdrawal.

The primary goal is to mitigate withdrawal symptoms and prescribe medication to patients to meet their needs; co-occurring disorders are considered while prescribing medication.

In medication-assisted recovery, patients are also provided with emotional support and are given education and resources regarding developing the skills necessary to live a substance-free lifestyle. Patients will participate in therapy, medication management sessions, and treatment planning.

These sessions are based around interpersonal and familial problems, including developing social and problem-solving skills.


Treatment for Pregnant Women

ACER is one of the only treatment facilities on the gulf coast that provides care and outpatient treatment to pregnant women. The impact that drug or alcohol use has during pregnancy and its problems for babies and mothers are serious, and they want to help pregnant women overcome their addiction.

They focus on assisting women and helping them have a healthy pregnancy; they also provide postpartum support to help them achieve long-term sobriety. Participation in this program gives mothers and children a positive outcome and a chance at living healthy lives. They use the combination of medication-assisted treatment along with coordinated OB/GYN care and counseling.


Substance Use Education

ACER is a court-approved education provider in the New Orleans area. The program is 6-8 weeks in length, and these classes are offered to individuals who have committed substance-related offenses and are focused on substance use and abuse.

While it is common for clients to be referred to these classes due to having to meet court educational requirements, there are also plenty of people referred from other community agencies, friends, family members, healthcare professionals, or who want to participate by their own will. Some of the topics that are discussed and addressed in this program are:

  • Pharmacology
  • DUI 1st offense video
  • Blood alcohol level
  • The cost of my offense
  • Triggers and cravings
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy

If required by the referring entity, drug screens are conducted randomly throughout the substance use education program.


ACER Staff

ACERs compassionate staff treats patients like family. They want everyone to be comfortable and make sure you always feel comfortable, respected, and understood.

At ACER in Slidell, you will be able to meet with a psychiatrist once per week or bi-weekly, depending on your treatment requirements, as well as nurses and counselors consistently.


ACER Pricing

ACER accepts a variety of different insurance plans, all of which can be found on their website. If you do not have insurance, the intensive outpatient program costs about $7,000.

If you qualify for Lousiana Medicaid, it covers all costs in regards to their IOP program.


ACER Reviews

ACER seems to consider the patients’ needs. While some may be looking for inpatient or residential treatment, this facility is a good choice for others who only require intensive outpatient care or face less severe addiction problems.

While some people haven’t had the best experience with ACER, it seems as though they genuinely want nothing more than to see their patients succeed and live a healthier, more fulfilling life without the need for drugs and alcohol. We would rate ACER a 6.5/10

(14) ACER, LLC | Facebook

“ACER is a total game changer.  People of all walks of life walk into this life saving program for several different reason, but ACER has one goal in mind for all of it’s clients- to get better (to beat addiction, to educate yourself (and sometimes family too) about addiction, gives you the tools to sustain a clean and sober life, gives you a support system, gives you and your family hope). Please, do not let the negative comments scare you away from getting help, because I’ll bet you anything that your experience will not be an unpleasant one. You may end up profusely thanking the entire staff upon completion.” recommends ACER, LLC.

(14) ACER, LLC | Facebook

“I was sent there first had to pay 180.00 that I did not have, was basically sent there for a false positive urine test in which only thing I can figure out is that I’ve had sinusitis off n on and colds, my resistance very low due to grieving ova my husband that went home with our Lord one year ago Jan.3rd after being together 33 yrs. I’ve also worked in medical field and law.. I feel I’ve been misdiagnosed and insulted to be told I have tested positive for amfetamines wen I have no clue how it could be possible, but your held over ur head as like ” do or ur dr. Will take their word ” of all things.. I don’t need anything to make me jittery r nervous, I’ve been thru enough n still am one day at a time grieving n I have a wonderful family at my side .. So I don’t believe things went right n I’ve been told by many that it’s a money making thing n they were forced on medications they never wanted.. Which were one addiction on to another in which I myself don’t know much about subox in n really don’t want to know. .. I’m not in that situation r category but don’t get me wrong I’m not putting anyone down , some may have different situations and I do not judge anyone r put anyone down because most families now days have someone that may need that kind of treatment.. I just myself never did anything I wasn’t suppose to but now want all this money n want to send my dr. all these ways n what’s I should do and I’m just in awe!! God bless n best of life for ones that feel they need this treatment/service.” doesn’t recommend ACER, LLC.

Acer LLC Reviews, Ratings, Cost & Price – Slidell, LA (

“It is a court mandated facility. Not very nice. very basic. Helps get someone out of legal trouble. May help with addictions that are less severe. No inpatient. Not equipped to handle detox or severe, long term addictions.” ★★


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