ACER Metairie Review

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ACER metairie review

Addiction treatment can be a daunting possibility, but ACER in Metairie, Louisiana aims to help you take the first step. This treatment center provides personalized care for patients struggling with substance dependence by offering a range of treatment programs developed by their own professional team.

Their main objective is to help individuals and families live healthy, functional lives by assisting them in acquiring the necessary skills for lasting recovery. They provide a caring, compassionate, and safe environment for all of their clients. They also offer innovative treatment programs that make the entire recovery process both meaningful and fun.

ACER Treatment Program Philosophy

To achieve their goal, ACER adheres to several cornerstones of their philosophy of recovery, including:

  • Personalized care – They believe that every recovery journey is different. So individuals require treatment plans that are as unique as their own story. ACER works closely with their clients to determine the best course of action. They continue to tailor and alter their plan as they learn more about each individual during the process.
  • Recovery skills – According to ACER, true recovery is only possible when individuals acquire the necessary skills to cope with stress and temptation without assistance. They focus heavily on skills acquisition to ensure that all clients can stand on their own two feet once they leave the program.
  • Social Support – Recovery is mainly a social experience. Individuals participating in the program do best when they’re involved with others who care about them and share a similar story. Social treatments are a mainstay in the ACER repertoire. They provide stability and support for individuals in recovery.
  • Communication Skills – ACER believes that individuals who can express themselves more freely are at a better advantage to cope with the stresses of life. Their program provides communication skills training to improve intimate, personal relationships and provide individuals an avenue to share their sentiments more effectively.
  • Education and Accountability – The family of the ACER client base is also highly involved in the recovery process. Education is provided for clients and their loved ones to allow a deeper understanding of their present situation. The treatment center also works to help individuals discover areas of error, giving them greater insight to avoid future mistakes.
  • Spiritual Development – For ACER, holistic healing involves every aspect of the individual — even their spiritual self. This could mean different things for every person but ultimately works to give a greater perspective of life and living.

ACER Metairie Treatment Facilities

ACER has three different facilities across the state of Louisiana. Their Metairie treatment center is located at 2321 North Hullen Street, Suite B, Metairie, Louisiana. Their facilities are clean and quaint, giving off a homey aesthetic with spacious outdoor areas for socialization.

While their facilities might not be described as ‘state-of-the-art’, ACER provides a comfortable space for their clients and their families to support recovery and treatment. Photos of their facilities are limited online, so if you’d like to know more about their offices, you can reach them through their Facebook page or their hotline at 504-941-7580.

ACER Metairie Treatment Programs

To be clear, ACER Metairie doesn’t offer in-patient programs since their facilities don’t allow them to accommodate their clients with temporary residence. So ACER’s treatment programs are all out-patient based but are still uniquely tailored to match the needs of their clients.

Ambulatory Withdrawal Management Program

Ambulatory withdrawal management is defined as an outpatient service that provides safe withdrawal management involving an ambulatory patient. That’s to say that individuals enrolled in this program can walk and stand, as opposed to severe addictions that can cause individuals to be bedridden.

The goal of the ambulatory withdrawal management program is to assist individuals in transition from active addiction and drug use to medically assisted withdrawal. This program uses two major treatment methods to achieve this:

  • Medication-Assisted Therapy – Through the guidance and implementation of trained medical professionals, this part of the treatment process aims to provide individuals carefully calculated doses of medication to mitigate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Counseling – Individuals are provided both social and emotional support during this difficult phase of their recovery. They’re also provided education and basic skills training necessary to start them off on their drug-free life.

The ACER ambulatory withdrawal management program also offers extended on-site monitoring for susceptible individuals. However, in general, all of those participating in the program are free to return home after each treatment session.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Considered one of the most rigorous treatment programs in an outpatient setting, the ACER intensive outpatient program spans 8 to 14 weeks, depending on the needs of the individual. They combine group sessions, individual treatment, and involvement in a 12-step recovery program. Participants also undergo routine urine drug screens throughout the duration of the treatment program.

The purpose of IOP is to provide clients with information and instructions on how to cope with and overcome the challenges after withdrawal and detox. Everyone is required to join group sessions four times a week, with all other therapies scheduled depending on the client’s availability. Aftercare is provided once a week for up to a year.

One strong area of emphasis for the IOP treatment plan is family and interpersonal relationships. Healthcare workers, counselors, and therapists work hand in hand to help clients and families solve problems within their relationships to create a more harmonious social circle and a strong support group at home.

Pregnant Women

This program is one-of-a-kind, and ACER proudly asserts that they’re the only treatment facility that offers addiction support for pregnant women on the gulf coast. The purpose of the program is to provide addiction treatment, education, and social and emotional support for expectant mothers struggling with substance use disorder.

Aside from aiming to achieve long-term sobriety, ACER’s program for pregnant women also provides helpful tools and resources for mothers to continue a healthy pregnancy. This doesn’t only support the mother’s wellness, but also the health of her child.

In cases where it’s necessary, ACER is able to provide medically assisted treatment with the help of a team of OB/GYN specialists. Women of any age are welcome to join the program, and ACER also has partners offering financial assistance for those who qualify.

Substance Use Education

As a court-approved education provider, ACER is licensed to offer educational courses that explore substance use. These classes are targeted at individuals who may have experienced substance use-related disorders themselves.

The classes span anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks and are recommended for DUI offenders, individuals with a first offense of possession in need of court-mandated educational requirements, or even persons referred by family, community agencies, or healthcare facilities.

Free Rapid Screen

This free rapid screening provides health care workers, counselors, and therapists the baselines to understand where an individual stands in terms of their addiction and recovery. The rapid process involves an in-depth interview that provides information on how to best move forward in the treatment program.

ACER Prices and Payments

Prices for the ACER range of treatment programs are individualized, and clients have the option to pay through insurance, including Medicaid. For those who are particularly at a financial disadvantage, financial assistance is available.

ACER Reviews

There are mixed reviews regarding ACER’s services and treatment options. Although there are some five-star reviews on their Facebook page, none of them detail the reason for giving the treatment center a perfect score. Other resources had this to say:

“It is a court-mandated facility. Not very nice. very basic. Helps get someone out of legal trouble. May help with addictions that are less severe. No inpatient. Not equipped to handle detox or severe, long term addictions.” –

“Great Councillors. The hardest part is meeting other addicts.” –

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